Help finding a theme that combines single page (scrolling) and multi-page navigation

Calling on those with experience (used lots of themes) with 5.6
There are so many - was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Have a client currently installed under 5.6 who wants a new look. They like the layout/functionality of this site - - which is a WP site using the Divi theme. In essence, the theme supports multiple pages - but also uses the inpage sub-section navigation to drop down to lower parts of the current page.

Some of those pages are way too long IMHO - but I can see the advantage instead of having hundreds of separate pages. For instance, this page - - under the first paragraph has iconed links that simply go to Anchors lower in the page. Obviously this could be done manually - but what a pain.

Is anyone familiar with a 5.6 theme and/or navigation add-on that can easily allow multi-page nav AND support long pages with inpage Anchor type navigation?


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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
You could make a custom theme in C5 using Bootstrap 3.0. That way making the rows you need for each section can be quickly created. Bootstrap 3.0 also handles multilevel navigation.

Here is how to turn it into a c5 theme, but if you still need some help let me know.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I suspect many single page themes could be applied to multiple single pages (ie. sitewide). Then you would may need to hack some global areas into the page templates before adding an autonav block and styling it.
ssnetinc replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Guys,
Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping to avoid all this with a ready made theme. Oh well, it looks like I can use Mega-Menu for most of what they want on main nav, and just manually create the page anchors and in-page nav where necessary.

Again, thanks Stew and John for taking the time to respond.