I AM SO CONFUSED! Working with Neat theme but it's nowhere in the site's package folder.

I have been working on my website editing pages and blocks. Now that it's edited, I am now working with styling it. I want to add a .less file import to the main.less file but it turns out that in my website's package folder, I have the theme lazy5basic theme and the Neat theme is nowhere to be found. I open Add Functionality in the dashboard and see that both themes were installed. When I go to Pages & Themes, I see that only the Neat theme is installed and currently being used and there is no Lazy5Basic on the list of installed and ready to be used.

Where can the Neat package be hiding???

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
normally that theme comes in a package so it should definitely be in the packages folder.

However maybe it was installed separately for some reason and could be in applications/themes

If not, I'd say you might be looking in the wrong spot. Do you have more than one website on your server and looking at the wrong files?
ThomasJ replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
Actually, I am working on 2 web sites. The one in question, after installing c5, I installed a bunch of themes to try out. I am pretty sure that I installed the theme "Lazy5Basic" that is located in the packages sub-directory. There is no themes in the Application sub-directory, and just the normal themes are in the concrete/themes sub-directory. There is no theme called "Neat" in any of my directories but as you can see in my themes list, it exists and is supposed to be the active theme. The other website I am working on has "Neat" installed but I have the "Cloneamental" theme active and working on that site.

See attached images.