Inline Styles Prob: Slider text stacks upwards and image shrinks into 28px thumb into top left corner with IE


I have many Power Sliders on my site and when I open IE 11 my slider images which are supposed to be 700px wide shrink to approx 28px wide and the caption text climbs up the container. If I do a refresh of the page the slider performs as it should. This occurs throughout the site. So, anytime I have a new visitor running IE they see a broken slider, returning users observe this too if it's been a while between visits. Here's the URL for a peek: Please find the attached screen shot.

Running Inspector on the page leads me to think the problem is within the Inline styles, yet I don't know where it's being generated or called and I honestly don't how all that works. Could someone please take a look? I've posted on the Power Slider page and Supermint page without any takers.

Any additional info needed to help resolve this problem will be gladly provided.


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Solarnomics replied on at Permalink Reply
To all,

The slider problem goes away when the Power Slider transition is set to "none". If anyone knows a workaround to allow the transition function to work please post here.

Thanks for your time,