Remove background from dashboard

How do you remove or stop the lairy background pictures in the dashboard.
Bad enough that the dashboard options continually hide without the need for grossly colorful and unrelated photos to popup!
I assume its a feed from somewhere as I can not find the images in the installation.
Whats a brightly lit up bicycle have to do with a CMS?
How about having the dashboard options visible instead ?

I found that if I remove or comment out line 74 of the .\concrete\themes\dashboard\elements\header.php file it seems to stop it.
the line is :
$backgroundImage = Loader::helper('concrete/dashboard')->getDashboardBackgroundImage();
I simply added the // in front to comment it out.
It also seems to allow the actual dashboard commands to be visible when going into dashboard.
Now I just need to get it to show the commands all the time. :)

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Firstly, I would undo what you mentioned in your amendment. It will likely cause issues in the future.

Secondly, it is super-easy to change the background image in the dashboard. You can either change it to one of your liking, or just have it plain. To do this, go to the Dashboard, and under "System & Settings", go to "Interface Preferences" under "Basics". Simply change it to whatever you want!
jankoehoorn replied on at Permalink Reply
Why not simply put this in /config/site.php:
programit replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the response.
Never found that option before. It works.
I'll try that line in the site.php as well.
The pictures were driving me crazy and some of the endusers.
There isn't an option anywhere to make the dashboard options not disappear all the time, is there? ;)

Thanks again.