Theme fully Ajax centered

I've tried a few theme's and not really surprising, but seems like I am having trouble finding the right one to use.

I am looking for a theme where the top menu (almost all nice themes I see have the menu on top). Stays loaded and all the clickable links that point to the same domain would load underneath the top menu.

Currently coding away into a theme I've bought and I see that it's possible. It's just ALLOT of work seemingly.

So I am wondering, is there any theme out there that is fully build on Ajax that uses fetch, response to load content into the main area(s)?

So far tested both the themes called Responsive-1 and Fundamental. Both don't really have it even though I like how they work/look.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Is it the autonav you need to be ajax loaded, or the body of the page?
pretmaker replied on at Permalink Reply
It's actually both?

As in I click a link in the main nav, and it should load in the body.
If I click a link in the body (and it points to the same host), it should once again load in the body.

The only thing I would like to have static is the top nav/bar which should only reload when people first visit the site, or come from an external link.

Would be cool if the footer would also stay loaded.

Reason for this is that I am coding a website for a online station where I want the media to keep playing and update itself while the users use the site and do various things on the site, like reading stuff, posting/reacting/interacting.

I've currently got it somewhat working with my current payed theme. But I would have to remember to change any links in the body content to do this feature to load the content back into the body of the site via the onclick javascript function. Would be easier I think if I handled it server-side to take care of that for me :)

Fixed it in the auto-nav as follows:
foreach ($navItems as $ni) {
        echo '<li class="' . $ni->classes . '">'; //opens a nav item
        //echo '<a href="' . $ni->url . '" target="' . $ni->target . '" class="' . $ni->classes . '">' . h($ni->name) . '</a>';
        echo '<a onclick="switchTo(\'' . $ni->url . '\', true);" target="' . $ni->target . '" class="' . $ni->classes . '">' . $ni->name . '</a>';
        if ($ni->hasSubmenu) {
            echo '<ul>'; //opens a dropdown sub-menu
        } else {
            echo '</li>'; //closes a nav item
            echo str_repeat('</ul></li>', $ni->subDepth); //closes dropdown sub-menu(s) and their top-level nav item(s)
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
What you are trying to do is create a single page application/site, where all the content is either within the page or ajaxed into it. While it may help solve your persistent music player problem, it may create further issues such as overall search indexing.

Consider alternate solutions. For example, web workers can persist between pages in a domain, so a web worker based music player may be a much less intrusive solution.
pretmaker replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the suggestion.

I've taken a look at it, but it goes beyond my current capabilities and there is allot more stuff to take care of so I will leave this diamond to another team member to find out how to implement it and give me an example HTML site so that I can just import/program it into the site :)