Themes for PHP 7.2


by end of the year my hosting provider will change the PHP version to 7.2.
That my sites are still running on PHP 7.2:

- Are there just specific themes they need to be used under PHP 7.2?
- How do I see if a Theme is compatible with PHP 7.2?

My sites are very old, I assume I’ve to buy some new ones. But I like to buy some they will work :-).

Thanks in advance for an answer

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
What version of Concrete5 are you using?
darioc replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, different versions:
I’ll bring all to the latest version and built them up from scratch. But I’d like to start with a theme that is generally running on PHP 7.2
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
For c5.6, whilst the core is being updated to be compatibility with php7, theme updates depend on the individual developers. Some developers are actively maintaining addons and themes, but many 5.6 marketplace items are abandoned/unmaintained. The best thing to do is open a support request to the developer of any theme you are using or are interested in. If you don't get a reply, you can be sure it isn't being maintained, so any php7 compatibility will be by chance rather than by intent.

For c5.7 / v8, look at the earliest compatible version on the marketplace page. If its v8+, then you know it works with v8, so will likely have been checked for php7 by the prb on its initial release. If its c5.7.x and nothing is explicitly said about php7, then you can ask the developer again, as for 5.6.

This is more general advice to any one considering a marketplace addon/theme: Always read the reviews and if in doubt open a 'pre-sale' support request with the developer - the 'Get Help' button on the marketplace page. If a developer doesn't respond before a sale, then its a pretty good bet they won't be providing support after a sale.