Vanishing Images in Firefox...

I'm in the process of moving several C5 sites to a new server, The normal process is create a new install of c5 as a sub-domain, re-install the appropriate theme, and then upload the image assets and content from the old site.

I was doing this for a site using the Yosemite theme, (see: ) and transferred the content yesterday using Chrome. I went to move the DNS for the domain to point to the new site, and none of the images for the them show up in Firefox.

Any ideas where to start looking?

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
This may work, go to your file manager and rescan all of your images. In file manager set results for 500 per page, double click the check box on the left of any image entry and all images should be selected. From there use the "with selected" option at the top left of file manager and choose rescan.

As always make sure to clear your browser cache on firefox.
ppisoban replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There,

This happens to me almost everytime that I move a C5 site from domain to domain. We usually develop a site in a sub-directory of a production domain that we own and then, when ready to launch, we'll install C5 in a new hosting account and, as you say, upload the theme, files and any blocks/packages etc to the new install.

First load of the pages (in any browser) usually displays with no images but I find that a quick 'Clear Cache' in the dashboard will usually bring them all back. Took me a while to figure this out and was re-editing all individual blocks to display the images!

Hope this works for you.....