When adding a new page, the auto-nav stack and main block of my theme are unavailable to my editors


I am building a website in which I have an admin and a group of editors who can edit pages. In addition, they should be able to add pages as well.

I have a problem related to the latter functionality. When I try to add a new page as an editor, either publish it immediately or edit it, the auto-nav stack and main block of my theme (modified Elemental) are unavailable to my editors. The auto-nav stack comprises my navigation. By main block I mean the area to which I can add content blocks. The header and footer are fine, but the page body is not. There I have just the 404 error page not found.

However, as an admin, I do not have this problem. Everything works perfectly.

So, could this be some kind of permission problem? Or something else? I have tried clearing my cache and modifying my permissions multiple times, but I just cannot figure this out.

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paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
To answer to my own question, the key thing in both version 5.x and 8.x seems to be to give the members the right to edit the Drafts page. In other words, the right to view the Drafts page is not enough.

Could we have more extensive documentation of concrete5 in the future? E.g. of permissions?