Where does C5 store pages


I'm still a C5 newbie, so i didn't know how to formulate my question, but i will try to explain.

I get the whole concept of themes and templates(page types), but i want to know where i can find for example let's say Home page, or About page?

What i mean is where are they stored phisically on the web server, let's say i add some text to about page, where is that About page really stored?

I tried to find it, but no luck.


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olliephillips replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Your content is stored in the database, but the a combination of areas and page types determine how it is presented.

There are no physical files at page level, unless they have been set up as single pages in which case you might have a view in your single_pages folder and possibly a controller file in the controllers folder, which serves it.

Hope that helps
Madebym replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks that really helps. I'm coming from different type of CMS's background, usually in the past i used ones that let me easily retrofit a template into CMS, mainly CouchCMS and Perch.

It seems that things work a little diferrently in C5, but i will get used to it.

Once again, thanks!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This howto tells you pretty much everything you need to know about theming C5