Greek Yogurt - home page height adjustment

Please forgive the seeming stupidity of this question, but could some one please step me through the steps to slightly reduce the gap on my homepage, between the bottom of my page content and the footer - any help appreciated. Thanks.

didn't receive Thank You for Purchasing email after buying theme

Hi there, I have filled out the form for "Contact Us" for concrete5 twice in two days now. I have also started a thread in the support area for the Supermint theme. I purchased the theme on Sept. 20 and failed to notice that I did not get a Thank You emai…

Change theme for multiple pages in bulk

I'm needing to change the theme on my site and it already has about 70-80 pages. I've switched over the odd pages such as home and now have a whole lot of right sidebar and forum pages. Is there a way to change the theme for multiple pages in bulk.

Themes in 5.7

Hey people, I have a question regarding themes. So I just started to build sites with concrete5 again. For test purposes, i tried to install ANY template/theme for my site, just to check how it is done. For now, i wasn't able to find a theme for 5.7…

Foundation 5

Why isn't Foundation 5 available for purchase in Concrete 5? Does not appear in Themes when I search.

Converting complicated html template

Hi all! At the moment I'm hesitating between concrete5 and WolfCMS. Though I have to admit that the cluttered forums of concrete5 gives bonuspoints to WolfCMS at the moment. I have previous experience with Joomla. I want to convert a html page to a c…

header menu

Hi, While making a custom theme I am running into a problem. when adding the auto-nav block it is possible to select a custom theme. Breadcrumbs or header menu. I like header menu and I have used it before within a template but on my own, newly c…

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