Getting started

Hi guys Just want to say hi and I hope to speak with you all at some point. I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times and i can already see the feedback now but i'm new to this and I want to get start coding concrete5 in the right way, …

Where can I edit this thing?

Hey guys, I'm newbie in concrete5 and I need to change some things on website. Where in admin panel can I change button from screenshot? I'm using Fruitful theme. Thanks for help.

Any try before you buy? Warranties?

I'm building a site for my church and would like to try out a couple of themes to see how they work (not just how they look but the ease of use in building them.) Does the Concrete marketplace offer any kind of warranty on paid themes? Can you get your …

Edit Bar Menus Display Blank (version 8)

My tool bar is displaying when I am logged in but the dashboard and other menus are empty. All admin tools work fine if I navigate to /index.php/dashboard. I have included the recommended [code][/code] from the docs here https://documentation.concrete5.or…

Clearly have them in my cart, no way to move them?

I have the theme Stucco in my cart. But going back and forth and bringing several different browsers into the game to rule out it being a browser issue has done absolutely nothing. I did have it installed and active earlier yesterday, as a matter of fa…

Modifying the HTML5 Audio Player Pro theme

Hello, I am using the HTML5 Audio Player Pro and want to change the width to the size of the longest file name. The file name hangs out on the right hand side. I am using the Blue Monday template, image attached. Any help appreciated.

Update Slate

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to update the Slate theme to version 5.8? I am currently using this theme for a school on version and would like to update them to newest version because of security purposes. Any ideas?

external link in navigation using dropdown

Hello, In my C5 site, I am using auto navigation and have an external link in there which displays a dropdown. I can see the external link in the sitemap, and I can edit that link, but I don't know where/how the child pages (which are also external link…

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