Maintenance Mode

Dear Community I'm searching a way to change the Theme of the Maintenance Mode to the Thme I use on the whole Website. How can I change the Theme of the Maintenance Mode-Page? Another question: How can I as admin, surf on the Website, when it's …

Installing a purchased theme

I purchased the Fundamental theme but cannot find out how to install it. I have applied the licence it shows in my list of add-on but no install button. Am new to 5.7 seems to work very differently from 5.6 - I should be seeing a download archive link?

Broken Logout Link in 5.7

[EDIT] I managed to solve this question myself but have left this here for anyone else's reference as I spent hours trailing the internet for an answer, but could never find one! Eventually found the core file where the code was I needed. In order to d…

What property could break Concrete5 layouts?

Something in my theme is breaking Concrete5 Layouts. Any content in an area that contains a layout to will vanish when the page is published or previewed. I tested by Switching to Greek Yogurt for that page, and this issue goes away (but reappears as soo…

Image in Navigation responsive

hello, I'd like to replace the company name in the navigation bar with their logo but the image is not scaling / responsive. Thanks!

Re-compile Elemental Bootstrap Less

In my theme I am developing I have attempted to re-use the same css/less file structure as the elemental theme. At first I just made conrete5 re-compile the bootstrap less files whilst making changes but then I realised why that was not the right approach…

How to change font list for template?

I have a fresh clean install of concrete5.7 Since i need to make cyrilic support for font`s used by cms, i looking for the proper way to this task. Is there any way to change the list of supported theme fonts?

Add a new criteria to themes?

I've discovered several of my sites use themes that Google Webmaster Tools says are not mobile friendly and will be delisted next week. Any plans to add a note to all the themes that they are compliant with these standards?

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