Edit Theme

Hello, I'm looking for some help in changing a small aspect of our theme. The man who built our website has left the company on bad terms and has taken with him all knowledge on how our website was built! As far as i can tell he has created a theme fro…

zip error with upgrade 5.5.1

I just installed C5 to a client's server and bought a theme but when installing it I received this error "There was an error unpacking your file. Perhaps you have not uploaded a valid zip file, or you do not have zip installed. on 5.5.1"

Can't access CSS files

I have been trying endlessly to customize the main.css file from the Plain Yogurt theme. If I do a view source of my homepage I can see that the path to the file is: The tools folder is empty on the FTP and that path does not exist. I then copie…

Site Name and Green Salad

Hey All, I have been going through the forums and trying what I found to change the name of the site we have. I have deleted code, added code, added a stack, cleared the cache but all has failed. There are no stacks in the stack area global or otherwi…

ecommerce product search page

My ecommerce product search page suddenly started displaying like the picture. It seems to only effect that page but the page also only lists the 3 most recent products I have added. ideas?


I ordered the ecommerce addon but was billed twice for it. I would like to get a refund for one of the purchases. Order #61235. Thanks.

Starting from your demo theme

Hi all, Just installed C5, and installed, activate the theme "Black accents". I was thinking to be about to start from the demo, but my website (any changed never done) don't look at all like the demo page of the theme. What can I do ?

Valentine's Day Theme Discount Sale

I'm announcing my new offer in the marketplace! It includes 2 of my themes, one of which is ideal for Valentine's Day! Get 2 themes for just $24!! You'll save a total of $14... you know... 'cause Valentine's Day falls on the 14th! GENIUS! Learn mor…

Theme Rigid-Light - How do I change the font colors?

Hello. I have been using the theme, Rigid-Light. I am not able to change the font colors. I have tried all the normal ways,including inside each block and on the "customize" page of the theme. I went to the "I got style" css, but did not know how to u…

No edit bar after upgrading to 5.5.1

Hi there I just updated from to 5.5.1 and now my edit bar is gone. I can access the dashboard but in edit mode the edit bar at the top is not visible. I can see that my page has the appropriate margin of 49 pixels at the top but only the backgr…

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