"Themes Available to Install" - No Name & No Description - NEWBIE

I've been trying to follow the tutorial regarding adding a theme (from marketplace) and renaming for customising. So far I have: - copied the theme folder to the root>themes folder - changed the folder title - changed the description.txt file ( …

missing dashbod and edit tabb

Hi can anyone help with this problem its on the website marioandco.co.uk/c5. i tried the suggestion on another thread and that worked but then i modified it by accident and didnt back it up and dont seem to get it to show up again I'm very new to this

Global Area not being created

I have 3 Global Areas in my header.php in my custom theme, two of the areas are successfully being created in the Stacks as Global Areas but the third one is not? These are the three, the Site Name one is the one which is not being created for some rea…

Boxing Day Sale

My Responsive theme with 25% off the asking price until midnight New Years day. The theme works with all browsers, fits all mobile devices and is fully customisable with eight page types! View screenshots on marketplace page. http://www.concrete5…

Upgrading from 5.5.1 to breaks navigation blocks/stacks

Greetings, As I have been quite slow in upgrading Concrete5, I have found that upgrading from 5.5.1 to breaks my navigation, specifically: - home page now includes link to home, whereas before it did not - other page nav (all but home), have a …

Bootstrap Navbar messes up with Admin Navbar

So I have setup my concrete5 template to use bootstrap, my site is here: http://galiro.com But when I edit the site, I can not reach the navbar for the site because it fighting over space with the admin navbar. Any ideas for help?

Can't find Greek Yogurt theme?

Hi, I seem to be having all kinds of weird problems with my website lately. Today I load my site and see it's all been changed, I had a black background now it's white, my navigation menu was horizontal and now it's vertical. I went to edit my theme t…

Splash Theme

I am trying to use the Splash theme. I want to see if I can get the body container to be responsive versus having a vertical scroll bar. Any ideas anyone familiar with this theme?

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