Looking for a sports theme

I'm looking to do a website with a sports theme, specifically geared towards baseball. I searched the themes for sports, baseball, sport and a few other things with no results. Any suggestions?

Artist theme

Hey, I'm looking for a cool artist themes, such as Gavin deGraw, Loreen Madonna, JeLo, etc. Room for photos, videos, bio's etc. Anyone working on somthing like that? Keep me posted! ;)

eCommerce theme?

Hello, I built my site based on the OfficeSpace theme. see: http://www.tableaublanc.ca now, I want to add a shop, however eCommerce has no buttons, it would need a theme it seems. How could I "skin" only the ecommerce side of my site... and…

Sports themes

Hi all Can anyone recommend good sports themes? My site will have all sports so it is not sport specific. Thanks Barry

Problem with editing Greek Yogurt theme

Under the default.php for my site I simply added "Global" to the line: $a = new Area('Sidebar'); to get this: $a = new GlobalArea('Sidebar'); As the result the sidebar is now global (what I wanted). The problem is that with this simple change the…

Edit buttons not appearing

I just uploaded 5.6.0. When I login normal edit buttons are not appearing. I normally use 5.4.2 and this works fine. This is the page I use for a guide when creating my themes http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/designers/making-a-theme-from-st…

How to change Header.php

I'm a rookie for sure, and trying to remove the Twitter & RSS feeds at the top of the Destyle theme. I see everyone discussing changing the header.php, but have no idea where to go to change it... I have not registered the site as of yet, is that why …

Can't see a page I added to the Main Horiz Nav Bar

Hi All, Can someone help me? I wanted to add a page to my main Horizontal navigation. I thought I did it correctly. It appears on the site map on the Dashboard and in Search, and I spent a few hours loading it with content. Now, when I exit the s…

problems with Theme installation

Hi, i'm a newbee with Concrete5. I made a site with some free themes to build something as a demo possibility showcase. Today i bought the morph theme and installed it. At first i worked, byt was only visible on the main page. The other still where usi…

How does one design Concrete5 compatible themes or find such themes?

Concrete 5 supports HTML5 themes if I recall correctly, anyway what website or software can I use to download/ make themes that would be compatible with concrete 5? Would REALLY appreciate any help, my website apparently needs a design overhaul.

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