miss-aligned hover edit panel

I'm trying to convert a Foundation 3 template and I'm having problems when trying to edit the blocks. When I hover over the block the grey panel appears below and is difficult to click on. Any ideas?

Responsive Theme is Now FREE

I am just announcing that I have made a formerly paid responsive theme be available now for FREE in the marketplace! It is based on the Skeleton framework, and features a responsive 3-D parallax header image! It was designed for Valentine's Day or ad…

Plain Yogurt

I have Plain Yogurt on my original Concrete 5 site. I have recently uploaded 2 more sites but cannot locate Plain Yogurt. I have Greek Yogurt available but it leaves defined edges to the site when I really wanted a clear edge. You can see this on my origi…

How do I connect a purchased theme to a new, different website?

I am having trouble installing a theme that was moved to another website. I have released the purchased theme from the old website, but don't know how to get the theme connected to the new website. At the Concrete5.org website, the theme is connecte…

Removing theme doesn't work

Just did a fresh install of c5 and want to "clean up" by removing default themes. After clicking the red "remove" button from themes in dashboard, the next page loads but is blank and without any errors... in fact, checking html source reveals absolutely…

How to Package up themes?

I have the code below in my Package Controller: [code] public function install() { $pkg = parent::install(); $this->configure($pkg); } public function configure($pkg = null) { // install theme $this->…

Auto-nav button in "Add Block" list isn't there

Hello, After installing my own theme, i got stuck with adding an autonav block. I can't find it in the "Add Block" list. My area is called : Header Nav Did I miss something? Thanks a lot, Laurent

Can't edit editable areas - RESOLVED

You are adding a few editable regions on the html file. And on the backend, they do appear but they're not clickable. The problem should be on your css file. Remove any z-index attribute from your DIV. Save and reload. xx

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