Theme Request

Does anyone have or know of a theme that is similar to this website?

full.php page type auto-install

Hi! I'm making my very first theme for the marketplace, and I've got a question... How do I make the full.php page type auto-install directly when the user installs my theme? Thanks!

How many times have your themes been downloaded?

Hello Concrete5 community! I was just hoping some of you out there might be willing to share some information about how many times your marketplace themes have been downloaded and how long they have been up. We're thinking about putting up some new cus…

Gekauftes Theme ist auf der falschen Seite hinterlegt?

Hi, habe gestern ein Theme gekauft mit einer einzel License, Problem das ist nicht da wo ich es haben will ich hätte das gerne auf der Deutschen Seite. Ich hab das T. auf der anderen Seite auch noch nicht benutzt , installiert kann ich das transferien…


Hello, This may be a dumb question, but im really confused. I am trying to install font from google fonts and the direction say: "Add a stylesheet link to request the desired web font(s):"..can anyone help as to how to do this. thanks

changing domain but keep my theme licence ?

hi i have a theme that is linked to my domain address. i am now going to change over to another domain address will my theme license still work? i am doing this because i am creating a site on my hosting then swapping my domain for the clients dom…

Custom Theme - Blank Area Under Footer

Hey everybody, I'm trying to make it work since yesterday, but it's getting me crazy, so, you can go to and see the blank area/space under the footer. Here goes the codes: footer.php [code] [/code] default.php index.php …

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