Hard coding / editing HTML for some areas of template

I am looking to hard code some html into the footer but am unable to find the footer php file. Viewing FTP concrete/theme/ I cannot see the theme I have installed, only the default themes. (The theme is installed and working fine). Any pointers a…

How do I change the side bar size for the "green salad theme"

Hi, Just wondering what I need to change to get the sidebar a little wider, I've tried a few things but I'm not having any luck. I'm editing this CSS file "concrete/themes/greensalad/main.css" am I in the proper place? I just switched to the the…

Edit mode breaking theme

The website I'm developing here... http://www.allthingsiced.net is all fine and well till I log in, where the site fixes to the left at 940px (see image). Ive tried the usual wrapper as well as a conditional CSS statement for the body at 100% (using a …

mobile redirection script in the root site's file "index.php"

Hi, I built a mobile site which is a summary of my regualr site for my mobile users cleints where they can directly find the needed info. So i need to insert the redirection script on my regular's root site "index.php" but i cannont find it? I want my we…

Exclude global navigation from page (not vice versa)

Hello all I have a global auto-nav across all pages. I would like to hide that navigation on a particular page. Is that possible? (So, I am not trying to exclude a page from the navigation, but rather to exclude navigation from a page.) /Dl

Themes not reflecting changes, Clearing Cache has failed me

Stood up a shiny new 5.5.2 site last night, copied Greek Yogurt out to root/themes, renamed the directory, updated description.txt, installed and activated the new theme, customized it (herein referred to as the "old" color values), and published the new …

Body Background color

Hi, Without doing something the body background has changed to white. When I customize the theme the color is set well to 545046. Still, the site shows white. I use the Greek Yogurt theme.

Children not appearing in Auto Nav

I'm building my site using the Innovation template and I can not get the sub-pages to show in the navigation. They appear in the site map under the parent but will not show when published or editing. Need help as I'm pretty much a newbie to this.

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