Hi, I'm new here. Does it also work with MAC?

Innovation editing

Hello all, First time Concrete5 user here. I have experience in css and html pages however this is my first stint at a CMS. I have just installed the theme "Innovation" I am a bit unsure when …


How do I change the background image in this Theme?

Help with TerraFirma2

So I need to change the Orange box on the top left corner to a "John Deere Green" I have already asked the creator of the theme but he replied that he doesn't have time to help... My website is I am very new to the HTML/website wo…

Left navigation menu

Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to put this... I don't like the right navigation menu so what themes are there to have a left navigation menu? Or are there any plugins or hacks to get a left navigation menu?

Creating a theme with new blocks

Hi I'm writing a theme that I want to sell on the marketplace at some point but to get my theme working with bootstrap I've created specific blocks for autonav and search, where would I need to include these for them to work when packaging it up? I…

problems with Javascrict and footer

Hi all, I'm just a newbie and I'm having some problem with my first C5 site. The problems are two: 1- When I'm not in edit mode the javascript function doesn't work; 2- on one page when I'm in view mode, the footer is missing, while when I'm in edit mode …

For Sale

Hi, Due to a recent accident I am no longer able to develop sites as I used to. I have an account with nearly $1000 worth of themes and add-ons attached. If you're interested, get in touch. Examples. Themes - Silence, Radius, Axis, Clean'n'Simple, …

Purchased, in project page, NOT in available download

Project page is linked and active, just added another theme. Newly purchasedd theme shows in C5 project page for the site license that I want. However, it it NOT available in "add functionality" from site dashboard. I've dis-associated and re-associa…

Page width in greensalad theme

Can someone please tell which pieces of code need to be changed to modify the screen width. I'm using left sidebar template. Thanks

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