Bootstrap Navbar messes up with Admin Navbar

So I have setup my concrete5 template to use bootstrap, my site is here: But when I edit the site, I can not reach the navbar for the site because it fighting over space with the admin navbar. Any ideas for help?

Can't find Greek Yogurt theme?

Hi, I seem to be having all kinds of weird problems with my website lately. Today I load my site and see it's all been changed, I had a black background now it's white, my navigation menu was horizontal and now it's vertical. I went to edit my theme t…

Splash Theme

I am trying to use the Splash theme. I want to see if I can get the body container to be responsive versus having a vertical scroll bar. Any ideas anyone familiar with this theme?

Horizontal centering and right cropping on Silence Theme

Hi, I asked that 2 days ago to support w/ no response and I need to know if I can buy this theme despite this problem : When resizing the browser, it is very easy to have the right contents cropped. When the browser is reduced enough, the template i…

Horror Story Theme is Now Free

Due to a complete lack of sales of my responsive "Horror Story" theme, I have decided to make it available for FREE! Please understand that I spent a LOT of time on the graphics and design…

Licence for theme

Hi everyone ! I'm discovering concrete and i have a question. If I use, by example, rigid-light theme, do I have to keep the link (Website Design By Vivid) at the bottom of the page. thanks

Which file is this HTML code housed in?

I was using firebug while logged in as an admin. I'm trying to edit the 49px x 49px logo at the left of the edit toolbar. I managed to change the logo with my own easily enough by just overwriting the "logo_menu.png". I can't seem to find which file holds…

view problems in internet explorer 7

hi I am making a new website, the it works fine in all browsers except internet explorer. the slideshow in the top, in most of the times does not work and the sidebar instead of the right it appears in main area any ideas?

White Label Message

Hello, does anyone know how to remove the "Powered by concrete5" tag at the dashboard?

Rigid Bold and Rigid Light: Mysql Error 1062

I am getting an error when I try to install Rigid- Light responsive. I current have Rigid- Bold but it is not the responsive version, and I need it to work on cell phones. I assume this is happening because there is duplicate code somewhere? Any ideas? I'…

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