Review and upgrade my concrete 5 website

Hi Anyone who knows Concrete5 inside out available to review my website and offer comments on upgrading. Paid service as it's very outdated but I'm worried about losing our google position. Many thanks Kay

C5 Express and live page building based on form responses?

Good morning everyone, I have need (not a paying need, but a need :) ) of getting content from form to a webpage. Our specific situation is that we have about 50 teachers who build lists of things they need for parents to help with about three times a …

Homepage is in trash

Hi, I made my content ready for 1 language (dutch). Because the site is for Belgium i had to make the french and english content as well. So i found a youtube video: I followed but the video is not made f…

How to batch editing attributes?

I just realized, that a beloved feature in 5.6 is gone lost in 5.7: Batch editing of attributes. There is still a checkbox to choose files and pages, but it seems to be completely useless without the Flyout-Menu above, which offers several possibiliti…

Page with permissions to appear in the Nav Bar

Hello I am building a hub/intranet page with permissions (only certain logged in users can access this page) for a client and i need the link to appear in the nav bar even when the user is not logged in. Does any one know how I can do this please? …

Add custom text to the Login Page

Hello I want to add some text to a site's login page, a line or two above where the Username is. I've tried searching but seem to be finding posts which are quite old or when someone wants to edit the whole page's layout. The page i would like t…

Formatting the fields in a form

I used the new form block to create a form but when I am done editing, the input boxes are all out of line. See attachment. Where can I fix the formatting?

Call to a member function getURL() on null

I tried to add a new Blog Entry by hitting "Blog entry" in the top right corner. I did not add anything to the page and tried to exit and delete. When I did that I got an error message "Call to a member function getURL() on null" and the site has crash.

Export products in CSV format

Hi guys, Done a chunk of reading here and cannot find the solution - is there an add-on or other method to export products from C5 ideally in CSV format such that we can import into WordPress? Cheers

Multilingual language switcher failure

In the Multilingual site in latest Concrete5 8.5.4 version, the language switcher's flags are not according to default language. When default language was the original English, the US flag is in the correct leftfault position, and the Norwegian flag is…

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