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Version 8 Form Creation/Save Error

Brand new install version 8 with Elemental theme. Created a contact form. On save of form I get an error and can not save the form. Any one else running across this and if so got a fix for this?

Email form not allowing entries

Hello, I have a form block on my Concrete5 site that does not seem to be working and I'm not sure why. It won't allow you to type into the question box, but will allow you to fill out the captcha. This is the site: http://www.childtrauma.com/ T…

Page draft error

Hello Concrete5 members, I just moved my website from the test server to the new one. Everything works perfectly accept one thing, I have two draft pages which I can't delete. When I click on the draft page I get the following error: An unexpected…

Strange issues with sitemap page

I have a problem with several Concrete5 websites. All are running, on Apache server with php 5.4.45. Navigation on the website is without problem, editing the website has no problem, but when I access the sitemap page in the dashboard I got the a…


Since transferring my site from a trial to a hosted site, the Google map on the contact page comes up with this message - This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. - I have never seen any console to go …

Conversation block - submitter's email address not visible?

Hello Concrete5 members, I have added a conversation block, but when someone posts something I need to see the submitter's email address. It shouldn't be public, just for the admin. Where can I find his/her email address?

Auto-Nav not showing up on main page=big problem

On my website's main page, the auto-nav is NOT showing up....but on every other page it is...and this is a huge problem as the auto nav is the only way for viewers to get to the other parts of the website. PLEASE HELP!

Can't Edit some pages

I am trying to edit an existing website that was created with Concrete5. When I log in to edit, I don't seem to have the ability to edit certain pages. The edit box at the top of the screen doesn't show up on the home page. Help plz!

Image Slider help

so, i added 1000x1000 images to the image slider block expecting at least to have it auto-resize so the entire fits into the block, but no, it's cropped off at the bottom (overflow: hidden) - i try editing the css and the only thing i can seem to work wit…

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