Editing with concrete5

How to include custom JS in a Concrete5 page

Sorry if the question is basic, but googling and binging and searching these forums haven't given me a working solution. I have a html form with custom js for processing (see code below). I'm using the Composer to add the code to the body section, usi…

free-style lay-out column widths

I created a two-column layout and want to have another 2-column layout inside the first (wider) column. So I use 'add layout', my only option then is free-style, and I choose two columns (with or without fixed space, I've tried both). All is well. But…

How to make a theme wider?

I recently bought a theme I really like, except I'd like it to be a bit wider. I'm assuming if you know how to do this it would be pretty simple, like changing some CSS or HTML5 code from say 800 to 850 or whatever? I have no idea which file to star…

Can't See Composer Fields

Hi, I'm trying to edit a page in composer and I can't see the fields. All I see is "save and publish." (See attached screenshot.)

Pull data from form field

Hi all, I'm trying to pull user entered data from a form field, and have it display somewhere else on the page. This is the html for the form field: [code] [/code] Thanks in advance

Content Slider

Hello, I'm needing to add more trainers to our website and our web guy created this content slider: http://ultrabodyfitness.com/index.php/staff/ However when I go to edit the page that slider goes blank and says "content slider disabled in edit m…

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