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Reverse Proxy

Hi all, Im running concrete5 5.6.3 in windows server machine on xamp. I already have IIS in that server running on port 80, so i have to make the xamp runs on port 8080. My website address will be: http://nceastg.access.usq.edu.au:8080/eegai/ …

img max-width in block

Can you add an image max-width in a block design? I can add a max-width in the image appearance no problem. But we're trying to set up a template for clients where the block has a img max-width applied to it. Any thoughts? Thanks gurus.

Image as answer option

I'm attempting to add images as different answer options for radio buttons. I've attached a screenshot for clarity. Thanks in advance!

Change to one page makes changes to multiple pages

Hello, I'm relatively new to Concrete5, so please bear with me :) I made 3 pages that are all very similar, but just simple details and a few graphics will be different. So, I started with one page and saved the content to the scrapbook, and used t…

Moving site content

When I first started building my site it all went quite well but I notice the site was not live. I carried on thinking I would deal with that later. I emailed my hosting company & they fixed the problem but also pointed out that I had installed concrete5…

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