Editing with concrete5

Header AutoNav and Social Links

I'm having an issue where my site-wide header. It has autonav and social links in it and looks different in edit mode vs when published. In edit mode, the social links are stacked on top of the nav - which is the way I want it. When published, it di…

Unable to move blocks on any page of site

Good evening, I have a site, sanataria-cincy.org, where I am unable to move blocks and publish. The block "moves" to the selected location initially, but once I preview or publish the results, the page resets to the original layout of blocks. I am …

removing search members field in sidebar.php

I am relatively new to C5 and just now exploring into tweeking a few things on my site. One thing that I would like to do is to remove the "search members" field on the User Profile page since I will be using an Ajax Directory page for specific member ar…

Concrete not working since clearing cache

I have been doing a website with concrete5 v.5.7, i have edited the header and some styles while doing a new theme copying the elemental one and changing a few things. My problem is that i read that for editing themes was better to not use cache so i re…

How to add favourites in 5.7

I could be missing an obvious step here but I can't work out how to add a favourite page to the dashboard in 5.7

Files Indexed

Do all Concrete files need to be indexed on server? What happens if you do not index files. .com/packages/theme_slate/themes/slate/js/functions.js .com/packages/theme_slate/themes/slate/columnal.css .com/files/cache/css/slate/typography.css .com/fi…

Unable to add menu-items

Hi, I'm using I'm unnable to add more menu-items. This problem I had in the past and I can remember, that a server-value (which one???) must be increased. Some ideas? Thanks Tony

Add layout (bootstrap) in the output page

I need to add the bootstrap layout in the output page. Changes in the output pages appear, and on the page no. Help me please. Link to video - http://youtu.be/X4ZyeBmbWEY

Sign In / Sign Out

Where do you find the settings to change the Sign In / Out screen. The default nature screen doesnt match my website.

Home page keeps being placed in the trash

I have a client that is experiencing a unique issue. Sometimes when he is editing the home page it along with the entire site structure gets placed in the site trash. Once in the trash it can not be removed and no other page in the trash can be moved out …

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