Editing with concrete5

Our Website has changed unexpectedly

We at the Delta Miata Club have been collaborating on our website, but all of a sudden, the Greek Yogurt look to the site has disappeared. Could anyone look at the site and give me an idea what went wrong? www.deltamiata.us Thanks, Don

Updating from to 5.7.4

Hi, I have a bug in one of my sites which means I can't edit my blogs. I'm currently on v so firstly I'd like to try upgrading to the recent version, however I can't see that there's an update available through the dashboard. Can someone ple…

Remove 'P' tag from latest concrete5 reditor

HI Team, I am facing issue in reditor (Content editor). i want to remove 'p' tag from editor. i.e. by default editor is replacing some content with p tag. thanks in advance.

Javascript produces weird behavior

Hello, I just wanted to use a simple alert function so that when people would click a picture it would say: "Oops, you first have to register to watch the video". [code] [/code] After clicking it, the message box pops up like it is suppos…

HTML Source Editor

I've just tried to edit some pages within Concrete 5 using the HTML Source Editor (in Chrome - latest version - Version 43.0.2357.65) but the content window is blank. This was fine earlier this week (17/05/15) The same problem is happening with IE (lat…

Is it possible to add a row in the middle of an existing layout?

My client has just asked me to move a block from the last row of a layout to the 4th row, but the problem is there is no room because I have blocks below that would all have to be moved down one row (5 columns, 13 rows) Other than separate layouts for…

Theme Elemental remove

Hi for remove the tag i can remove from php, where? because i dont find the file! or i remove from css display none? Thanks

Can't edit/add blocks in Safe Landing theme

Hi all! I just activated the theme Safe Landing for my site. After switching to the Edit mode, I tried to mouse over a block area and clicked but nothing happened. I can't edit the block either add new blocks to the homepage. Do I miss something?

Permission not working? Can not edit page

Hi Concrete version, extended permissions enabled I have added a page as user ADMIN with subpages. The subpages take their persmissions from the parent page. The parent page has "group 1" allowed for viewing, "guest" excluded from viewing. T…

Exclude Administrator Group

We have setup a user with rights to add other users and assign groups to that user. The issue is that the group administrator is available to the user to assign to a new user. We do not want to remove the administrator group but only exclude it from vie…

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