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Blog Archive Tags/Buttons Not Working

Apologies, if I've got this fundamentally wrong, but I presume with my C5 Blog, under Archive, when I click on the Year/Months they are suppose to take me to articles published in those time-frames - if so, mine aren't working, I get no "reaction" from th…

Sub content H1 heading on every page

Every page on my project displays the page name as a H1 heading that I cant edit out. From what i've found out i need to edit the CSS to remove it... i have no HTML skills at all and need some help. the theme i'm using is MINIFIED and the site is ht…

Cant add a photo

When I try to add a photo the screen will show up however I am unable to add anything. The page is blank any suggestions???

Page Name/ID appears as content

Hi, have just started a new project, hard to explain but the HOME page name is showing on the home page..... so top left is the logo, HOME is in the Nav bar... but then it just says home underneath the nav bar as a title??? cant remove it anywhere? …

Can no longer login to Dashboard

Hi there, Wondering if anyone knows if changing the site's main admin user "email address" would cause me not to be able to login to dashboard? I can get to C5 login page, but then when I try to login, it brings me to a white screen, no error or anything…

mysqlt error: 1146

My webhosting provided had a server crash. I was on that server. After they got my hosting package back up I have gone in and tried to update my Conc5 website. It works until I hit save. I get this message: mysqlt error:[1146: Table 'jwhyntac_con…

Background Image

Greetings! I would like to change my background image on 1 of my pages. How do I do this without changing all of my pages background? Thanks!

HELP! Just updated to and can't edit!

I just updated our website to and now when I sign onto my webpage I can't pull up the dashboard or do edits. I had the last version running before so I haven't updated it by a lot, but now I can't make anything work. Any suggestions on how to get …

cache and css

I have cache turned off and i have cleared it. However the css is not loading, the system seems to want to load main.css from the files/cache/css/default Is that correct? any pointers much appreciated
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