Editing with concrete5

changing background of blog tags

I'm trying to figure out how to style the button-like background around the tag words in the tag cloud on the upper blogs page. They are in the Tags block, which is in the left sidebar. I've tried fussing with so many css settings in main.css and typograp…

Super user account can't add or edit any page

Hi there, I'm using the Trevisio theme and version My site has worked excellent up until I tried to add a page today. I haven't logged in in a few weeks but now I get a crazy long error when I try and edit any page and can't add any pages …

auto payments

is their any addons that will do an autopay for monthly donations that are deposited in my local bank account?

Error on Page

Hello, Getting attached error message when I try to go to just one page on my site - Fundamental Theme. It happens whether I'm in edit mode or not. Can you please advise how I can fix this? Or what might be causing it?

Edit bar gone missing on some PCs

Hi, I have a strange problem with the edit bar. We built a site for a client on c5-6.2 who has been using it and editing content for months. He uses Firefox & IE on Windows 8 at his office and safari on a mac at home and had no problems until recently. …

Increase Title Font

I am playing around with Elemental which shipped as the default theme in 5.7. I am trying to increase the size of the title font. Is there a max. font size? Perhaps it's already there. What is the best method to try? Thanks.

Horizontal Page Placement

Hi, When I use Auto-Nav, it places the pages in a vertical listing. How do I switch between a vertical and horizontal presentation? Thanks

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