Editing with concrete5

Content editor window resize

Hi, I'm working on our site and my content editor window is very narrow. Is there a place to customize the editor view? Thanks for your help.

TinyMCE default font

Hello, I'm interested in how to set a default font like Times New Roman in tinyMCE. I found some help at tinyMCE site, but it guides me to alter a module within C5's core-environment ( /concrete/js/tiny_mce): Add the following to tinyMCE.init() [co…

Fresh install and cant create sets.

Hi All, Im a first time user and am exploring the capabilities of concrete 5. I just created a fresh install using WAMP 2.5 (PHP 5.5). Manually created a new database using: 'CREATE DATABASE concrete5 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8'. FInished the instal…


I am trying to insert a pixel for Adwords on the submit or apply action on one of my forms and have requested help directly. ProForms will not respond. Does anyone know where to insert this, which php script? [code] /* */ [/code]

Nested Blocks While Editing Issue

Hello, I'm having an issue with video blocks becoming nested after editing the page, which results in me only being able to edit a single block on the page. I've attached a screenshot of the issue. My HTML and DOM is correct, and there aren't a…

My edit link has been lost

Yesterday I reworked my site with Eye Theme ( to go for simpler layout.) I closed before I was completely done and now find that there is now edit icon on the page at all . Seems it might come with that theme . I would be happy to restore old page and s…

Pages not showing in edit mode

I have a site that when viewing (not signed in), I can see all pages / subpages via the autonav and sidenav blocks. When I sign in as the administrator, the sub-pages do not show up. I can see them in the site map, and go to them via the site map, but…

Cloudflare causing logout

I've checked all the forum posts about Cloudflare and C5, and also read this how-to: http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/developers/using-cloudflare/ And I'm finding when a site using C5.6.3.1 with Cloudflare gets the admin user logged out …

Thumbnail Images on search results

Hi How would I go about adding Images to the search results - I have tumbnails on all my pages but woul'd now how to get them onto the results... is there an add on or guide anywhere to point me in the right direction?

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