Editing with concrete5

Edit Block not working

this is all my code for making an editable area. [code] [/code] When I click on that area in edit mode I get a little edit bar and when I click on any of the options on that bar nothing happens. I do have the 'header_required', 'footer_requi…

Responsive Product List

Hi There, I am trying to make a responsive product list. I'm not sure how to do this though. I've created a custom theme thats responsive, installed ecommerce, and now I want to be able to change the product list to be responsive. How do I go about do…


Hi. I've got a 400 error on my site. Can anybody help me remove it please? see attachment

Text in Header Image has to go

Hey guys, help is needed! How can I get rid of the navbar-text in the header logo/image (Treviso theme)? The navbar itself has to stay - it´s just the text that ruins my header image. It has to be removed somehow! I thought I could simply delete som…

Features I cannot find in Redactor

Here are some features I use all the time, but cannot find in Redactor: 1. Hyperlink: open in a new window 2. Hyperlink: add style and class 3. Table: edit style 4. Superscripts and subscripts. 5. Add an anchor Thanks, Todd

Pie Chart display

I am not seeing any percentages on top of the colored pie chart slices. How do you get them to display?

Faster load

Hi I got a site in 3 diff languages the are all placed beneath the root mysite,com/dk (this is default) /uk /de I see that the page mysite.com hangs a second before it goes to /dk If I ping the mysite.com/dk it goes much faster Can I someho…

Weird URL Slug behaviour

Hi *, I have a serious issue with url slugs and absolutely no idea how to fix this. ;) I used the backend/full-sitemap ( to do my tests after I had problems programmatically creating pages with the correct slug. So here we go: If I creat…

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