Editing with concrete5

Image as answer option

I'm attempting to add images as different answer options for radio buttons. I've attached a screenshot for clarity. Thanks in advance!

Change to one page makes changes to multiple pages

Hello, I'm relatively new to Concrete5, so please bear with me :) I made 3 pages that are all very similar, but just simple details and a few graphics will be different. So, I started with one page and saved the content to the scrapbook, and used t…

Moving site content

When I first started building my site it all went quite well but I notice the site was not live. I carried on thinking I would deal with that later. I emailed my hosting company & they fixed the problem but also pointed out that I had installed concrete5…

RE: Uninstalling Youtube Gallery

I am trying to uninstall Youtube Gallery but I cannot seem to do it from "Add Functionality" section. Can someone assist me on what other ways I can do it please.

Making blocks disappear on smaller screens

Hi there, I've started to learn more css and to work with responsiveness using bootstrap. I'd like to know how I can let certain blocks disappear, or show other content, when my website is viewed on screens smaller than 767px for instance.

Directing "no search results" message to a separate page

Hi to all, first of thank you all for the support. It has been a life saver for the tasks I could not solve. As for the new problem, I can't get c5 to redirect 'no search results' message to a separate page. PHP code is below: [code] if(count($resu…

cannot upgrade to Version:

hello cannot upgrade from to Version: when try to download latest version I get a message: ------------- Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. …

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