Editing with concrete5

'Read More' button

I have multiple long text blocks on my pages. This makes the lower blocks disappear on a page, although someone could scroll to them. I would like to leave the first 1-2 sentences in a block and then have a 'Read More' button that would either link out to…

Error Message - Nothing working!

Hello, I'd just about completed my first c5 website. One of my pages suddenly wouldn't work (I had a redirection loop), so I deleted the .htaccess in preparation to reload the content within. Now none of my pages apart from my homepage will load and I …

Adding page for specific group throwing an error

Hey all, I created a group called Editors - and told one of the Page Types that this group can add pages of this type. When I sign in as an Editor and try to create a page, the CMS throws me over to the 404 page. Anyone seen this before?

Design & Custom Template - Unclickable Options

Hello, I cannot click on the options under each block when I select either "Edit Area Design" or "Design Custom Template." I am only able to click "Cancel" or "Save." PLEASE help. Attached is a screenshot of what I mean. P.S. I have very limited …

Adding Schema Markup

I'm trying to add schema markup to my sites html but can't find anyway to do that. From searching it appears you can't edit your html in concrete5. So I went to my file manager in cpanel but I have no idea what file it is.

help making Gmaps clickable?

hey guys, having trouble making the maps block so that it will open a new window for directions. any ideas??

Unexplainable logouts

We have users (all from the same location) that get logged out after a few clicks after they logged in. Other users from other locations around the world don't have that problem. Also, they did not have this problem when using concrete5.6.x, only now …

The dashboard right menu should be clickable or accordion?

Look at this example (Left side bar) https://www.muicss.com/ [code] // Left menu structure Getting started - Introduction - Road map - Color ...Rest of the menu [/code] The parent ("Getting started") "not clickable "#" - Only opens the accord…

Concrete 5.8 issue - "print the custom "select" Attribute options"

[code] $attrKey = FileAttributeKey::getByHandle('subject'); $cont = $attrKey->getController(); $attrOptions = $cont->getOptions(); // line 55 throw error foreach($attrOptions as $option){ // do whatever you want with the attribute option } [/co…

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