Editing with concrete5

Can't See Composer Fields

Hi, I'm trying to edit a page in composer and I can't see the fields. All I see is "save and publish." (See attached screenshot.)

Pull data from form field

Hi all, I'm trying to pull user entered data from a form field, and have it display somewhere else on the page. This is the html for the form field: [code] [/code] Thanks in advance

Content Slider

Hello, I'm needing to add more trainers to our website and our web guy created this content slider: http://ultrabodyfitness.com/index.php/staff/ However when I go to edit the page that slider goes blank and says "content slider disabled in edit m…

Removing old Form fields from Form Results page.

A client of mine recently updated a form on their website and deleted several unnecessary form fields. When they go to View Responses in the Form Results all of the fields are still there (see screenshot). I tried clearing the cache and that did nothing…

New Here. Help with Home Page

The Default Theme doesn't have a HOME Link, so if I am on the Contact Us Page and I decide to go back to Home Page, I have to click on the Logo to do that. I don't know what I am missing. I need help to have a Home link so I will not have a problem going…

Embed Error

Hello guys! I'm new to all of this and I have a question... I want to embed the following piece of code. [code] [/code] But it does not function in my concrete5 installation. However, it works in the W3Schools TryIt (http://www.w3s…

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