Remove End Time from Calendar Block

Hello - I'm using PortlandLab's Calendar block within version 5.7, and I'm looking to remove the end time when you click the event (see attachment). I've tried removing the end time part of the function, but then the calendar doesn't load at all. Any sugg…

5.7 Update

My site is on version and shows there is an update to However, when I go to do the update I get this error message. "Unable to retrieve information about this update from You may upgrade but do so with caution." I did …

[SOLVED] image upload error (server responded with 500 code)

When my client are uploading big images (3200px x 4900px) they get an error "server responded with 500 code". So, I tried making it smaller (max height 3000px ) and then it works. Where can I see what the max size (in pixels!) to upload is, or whe…

Can't send email through Zoho SMTP - 'Connection timed out'

I am having an impossible time getting email to send out on a few of my sites. It does not send using either the "Default PHP Mailer" or via the Zoho SMTP servers (which I know work and I am specifying the correct information). EDIT: Google SMTP work…


I recently installed 8.1. When first installed I was able to edit and see all the various changes from earlier versions. Today I opened the site with the /login and it tells me the page can't be found. Is this the right way to login?

Random Block

Hi I've been searching but all I find is stuff for 5.7 and I know how to do it in 5.7 :-) In 5.6 site I was using a plugin Randomizer to randomply display a scrapbook (later stacks). Anyhow 5.8 site - I want to do the same thing and I suspect it is …

Google Tag Manager

What is the best way to add Google Tag Manager to a concrete5 web site?

Missing two core buttons ;(

.. Happy Easter days to all ;) I am missing 2 buttons in c5, for pain-free / live can be so easy - editing ... Did anybody like fix that?? Or type a add on in Realtime?

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