Editing with concrete5

Enabling editing?

Hi, I have pages created before without using Concrete5. The pages are linked to the home page as shown in the attached file. Could you help me how I can edit those pages without EDIT logo? The attached file shows the page without EDIT logo. Than…

How to solve this error ...

After moving the website from a dev folder to root whenever I try to add a block I get this error: Warning: require_once(/home/.../public_html/concrete/blocks/translate_block/controller.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/..…

Unable to reorder menu items

Hi, All I want to do is move a child page above a couple of other pages so it appears at it's intended position in the navigation on the site. However when I try and do this to normal way (in the dashboard>sitemap area) all I get is a never-ending load…

Password help

So I can log in to concrete5.org. But when I try to edit my website the username/password doesn't work. I've tried requesting an email resetting the password several times but have not yet received one. What's going on?

Edit Mode?

I could not find edit mode logo on my site. I don't know what happened to my site. How could I fix it?

Vidall Minima Slideshow remove visible filename

Hi, I have created a website which uses the Vidall slider on the homepage. In the lower left corner of each image in the slider it is displaying the file name, how can I remove this? Thank you for your help.


Hello I am new to Concrete5 and I am using Elemental. I want to remove the icons that are used for the text blocks ie pixel perfect,pencil etc Any ideas? Thanks


I have activated advanced permissions. I have allowed a certain group to edit certain blocks on a page. That's good. What I can't do is find how to prevent them from modifying the nav bar, header, and footer. All blocks in those areas are available for ed…

cannot UPLOAD files into File Manager

I cannot edit with Cocrete5 anymore. I cannot add a new photo. For more than a month, the UPLOAD button in File Manager has been defective. When I choose a new file and click UPLOAD, the "UPLOAD MULTIPLE" button constantly flashes and never stops, and …

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