Editing with concrete5

SEO - www.yourdomain.com versus yourdomain.com

Hello, Regarding my Webmaster Tools Site Settings, it was recently set to: Display urls as yourdomain.com - but I've read that this may not be the best setting for SEO purposes. I'm not even sure why the redirect was set up in the first place. Most sit…

Changing header image

Hi! I'm new to concrete 5 and website building/editing and I need some help. Can't seem to find where to change/edit my header image... website: www.fellowshipracing.se Thanks for your help. Best regards,

My Site is Being Hacked

Alright, so I was called back to a site I built a while back because it is being hacked. Each time, the site gives a 500 error. I was able to find the problem. At first it was the index.php file was being renamed to index.php.hacked. I fixed that and then…

how i get a page iun a page

hi everyone, how can i get page show facebook page but iframe dont work abd one addon i try is Responsive Embed fail to load it help me ty

Changing the width/height of an embedded image

Hi, I am new to managing a site and I need to embed a virtual walkthrough from Google into my website, but whenever I do so the embeded image is very small and I would like to amend it so that the size fits across my screen so basically about 1200 x 47…

Form block. How to add two answer fields for one question

Hello all i am creating a form with concrete5 form block and having a issue at one point. for one question i need two answer fields. 1. dropdown list for country code 2. text for phone number sample picture is attached. but form block allows me to…

5.7 Conversation Issues

Hi all, I am hoping someone can help because I am lost on this one. Currently working with the Conversation block acting as a testimonials page. Have configured it so that guests can post to the conversation but the post permissions have been changed t…

Can i use the same /concrete folder for multiply sites?

I only change the "application" folder, and i have the "same" packages in all of my sites. Thier is some trick to use only one /concrete5 folder for more than one site (Each site with separate DB, url and so on. not theme)?

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