Editing with concrete5

Sitemap » Flat View: it loads and reloads and reload and ...

Whenever I go to Sitemap » Flat View, the page keeps loading over and over again. It will not stop. It does not display any meaningful content. The only way to get it to stop is to click on a link to send me to another page. Thanks, Todd

Edit Block not working

this is all my code for making an editable area. [code] [/code] When I click on that area in edit mode I get a little edit bar and when I click on any of the options on that bar nothing happens. I do have the 'header_required', 'footer_requi…

Responsive Product List

Hi There, I am trying to make a responsive product list. I'm not sure how to do this though. I've created a custom theme thats responsive, installed ecommerce, and now I want to be able to change the product list to be responsive. How do I go about do…


Hi. I've got a 400 error on my site. Can anybody help me remove it please? see attachment

Text in Header Image has to go

Hey guys, help is needed! How can I get rid of the navbar-text in the header logo/image (Treviso theme)? The navbar itself has to stay - it´s just the text that ruins my header image. It has to be removed somehow! I thought I could simply delete som…

Features I cannot find in Redactor

Here are some features I use all the time, but cannot find in Redactor: 1. Hyperlink: open in a new window 2. Hyperlink: add style and class 3. Table: edit style 4. Superscripts and subscripts. 5. Add an anchor Thanks, Todd

Pie Chart display

I am not seeing any percentages on top of the colored pie chart slices. How do you get them to display?

Faster load

Hi I got a site in 3 diff languages the are all placed beneath the root mysite,com/dk (this is default) /uk /de I see that the page mysite.com hangs a second before it goes to /dk If I ping the mysite.com/dk it goes much faster Can I someho…

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