Editing with concrete5

hello i am new to concrete

I have not touched website building for over 10 years and it has changed so much. I am struggling. I am trying to edit my site and drop pics onto it but they just stack up one over the other and I cant put them side by side. Help!!!!! Please

absolute image path

Hi Is there a way I can set my site to use thefull image path right now it use this

Second HTML block messes up after saving

Hi there, Im trying to duplicate a block currently on the site this works fine when im in editing mode. (see image 1) But when I save this all of this is messing up (image 2) Any idea how to solve this?

Installing theme content as well as design

Hi! Newbie to concrete5 here but looking forward to getting this new site setup! I've done the concrete5 install with sample content and elemental theme. I've since installed the Anitya theme over the top, however, the display has gone all w…

Front Page Editing help please

(newbie) Hi all, I currently volunteer for a non profit website and I am trying to the site online but get a few error massages when trying to edit the front page can some one please help here is the error I get with the site name removed. Excep…

Enabling editing?

Hi, I have pages created before without using Concrete5. The pages are linked to the home page as shown in the attached file. Could you help me how I can edit those pages without EDIT logo? The attached file shows the page without EDIT logo. Than…

How to solve this error ...

After moving the website from a dev folder to root whenever I try to add a block I get this error: Warning: require_once(/home/.../public_html/concrete/blocks/translate_block/controller.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/..…

Unable to reorder menu items

Hi, All I want to do is move a child page above a couple of other pages so it appears at it's intended position in the navigation on the site. However when I try and do this to normal way (in the dashboard>sitemap area) all I get is a never-ending load…

Password help

So I can log in to concrete5.org. But when I try to edit my website the username/password doesn't work. I've tried requesting an email resetting the password several times but have not yet received one. What's going on?

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