Editing with concrete5

Editing Profolio Theme

Can anyone tell me how I can edit the image on home page of the Profolio theme, I'd like to add a profile picture instead of the circle pic with paperclips

Site logs me out when I click to edit

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but when I try to click the edit or add content buttons after signing in to my website, I automatically get logged out. When I clicked on the right sidebar, it simply said access denied. I thought mayb…

site access

How I have to do give access to every visitor to my site

Twitter feed won't update

Hi! We have a block on our webpage connected to our Twitter. For some reason, it only updates whenever we use a specific hashtag. Is there any way we can change this so that we do not have to limit our updates to only that hashtag? Can we make it connec…

edit bar only showing at login page

I was editing a html block I placed in a global area. After saving changes to the block my home page displayed an error. When I hit the back button on the web browser, I now have a couple problems. To sum up, I appears as if my concrete install has swi…

Allow guests to create pages?

I'm building a site that has an event calendar as one of its main features. I'm using the ProEvents add-on to create the calendar and PE uses an Event page type to add events to the calendar. So I'm wondering if there is a way to allow unregistered us…

Problem to do visible the web

I've the web but I can't do visible to the visitor, I don't know how do this posible. Thanks for your help

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