Reset password not sent to hotmail only

I am trying to reset my password but relize that the reset email does not get to hotmail.This only happens with hotmail although my email is an allowed sender. Any idea as to what could be happening ? Thanks

Using webp across concrete5

Is there a way that I can use webp for the images that I show on a site when using concrete? From what I can tell, concrete itself doesn't recognise the .webp extension as an acceptable image format and it therefor doesn't allow me to use it without d…

global areas

Hi there I know something similar has been asked before but the answers didn't quite suit me. Is there an easy way to add a page to a site that does not have the global area blocks as the rest of the site in both the header and the footer. I don't want…

Logs showing errors

Hello there I seem to be getting a couple of errors showing in my logs. See below. I've tested all the forms and they are returning OK ie report correct and email sent to client, but client will think they're not if she sees these errors. Exception O…

CKEditor allowedContent

I need to paste a form tag into a content block but CKEditor strips the form tags out. I know MrKarlDilkington's site.php config but I really don't know where and how to write the 'allowedContent' => true, line. Any idea? Thank you.

external javascripts

hello, I ran out performance report test ( and I got a recommendation to do combine page external javascripts. How can this be done with concrete 5?

Login Error all of a sudden?

Concrete5 version 8 latest. Where: What: Class 'OpenIDAuth' not found When: Not sure when this happened it is a new site. I was logged in as admin on another computer and set the site up from th…

External links bug

I think I've come across a bit of a bug. If you create an external link via the sitemap, then copy this external link under another page, it appears that it makes an alias of this external link and not a copy of it. Also if I then delete this copy/alias…

embed external

Hello I would like to embed this url in my concrete5 site: I dont get it working if i use iframe or use the responsive embed block. The URL contains a piece of script what i want to show. Below is the part where it is…

Listing the last 5 pages

Hello there; With the following code, I list the subpages of a particular page. However, this code lists all the sub-pages. But what I want is to list the last 5 sub-pages. How can I limit the number of pages listed? [code]

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