Editing with concrete5

Slide show

Hi there, I can create a slide show in edit mode and it looks perfect however every time I try to publish my changes nothing appears on the actual web page. Any tips? Thank in advance!

Cannot view photos once published

Hi looking for some help, I created a new page and no matter what I do I can't get any content to be viewable on it once published. I create the new page via the dashboard. The new page appears but no Block Content once published. Any suggestions I c…

File Manager - Show Only User's Files

I feel incredibly silly for asking this, but how do I go about setting up the File manager so that ONLY the logged in user views ONLY their files. Tried following various instructions, but I think I'm missing something here. I thought I configured the…

Painfully slow when logged in

I have been having trouble editing my C5 site when logged in. Some things happen reasonably quickly (3-10 seconds), like navigating around the dashboard. Other things halt without progress for a few minutes or keep loading forever–literally. For exampl…

Concrete 5 - Blog Footer

Hi All, I had a footer that I used at the start of the web design, which I have now changed throughout the site. However, I cannot see anywhere to change it in the blogs and case study part of the website. http://electrician2cardiff.co.uk/blog Th…

simply logging in

I am quite new to concrete5. I did however start with is some months ago & it has been awhile since I have logged in. I can log into concrete5 as I am here. what I am having trouble with is how do I put my website into edit mode. I can see the site as an…

Cannot remove an add-on from a project

I used to be able to remove an add-on from a project by clicking a button on that add-on on the project page. Am I correct? Is there a new way to do it?

How to edit in maintenance mode?

I've never used maintenance mode much before, but I always figured it would allow the admin to go through the site when logged in, and just keep the public out. I put a site into maintenance mode, and now I can't view any of the front-end pages. I can …

Menu disappeared

Ok so I was trying to see what happens when I told the menu to go to the second level in a question it asked me and the damn thing disappeared. How do I get it back? Do I have to reload it?


I am getting an upload error saying invalid file on a jpg image that somehow I managed to get in the file manager. Does the image plug in not work with jpgs? If not what type of file do I need to make my pictures?

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