Editing with concrete5

Email notification when file changed

I've been looking in the forums, and add-ons for any functionality that might be able to send an email when a file manager file is replaced. Does anyone know of any add-on that will do this?

Theme conflicts with c5.6.3.4.

I bought a theme, and the developer has stopped offering support. I updated to c5.6.3.4 and now there's some problems. First of all I continually get logged out. When I sign in the home page is in edit mode but as soon as I navigate to any other page I am…

prob with extended forms

using extended forms for contact us. set it up like normal. put in all bells name it etc. but as soon as i save the contact us page i completely loose the toolbar across the top of my page. no dashboard access, no set up blog page …

Changing block size

Hello, I have created another discussion in the past for something similar to this, but this is a different subject. I would like to change the size of a block in the main section. Does anyone knows which is file contains the sizes? Thank you!

facebook api

Hello, is it possible to post directly to facebook from concrete5 website? Thank you!

background solid image

Hello, I have noticed that e.g. in the log in page of the elemental, there is that solid background image that no matter if you scroll up and down the text, the image stays "unmovable". I would like to know how this technique is called and where i can …

Wisdom of using iframes

I need some advice. Compared with a page layout program, the Concrete5 Content block is very limited — as one would expect — in its layout capacity. Xara Page Layout program (http://www.xara.com/us/page-layout-designer/) can export its pages as html5. One…

PHP bug- code output as regular html text

I try to edit block view.php page-list When i put PHP code in the file - sometimes its wrote me a "HTML" code (in the preview mode i see the code as live text - without any error - just text) [code] [/code] Output: src ?> In the same file fe…

Sitewide header location

I've searched thru many threads and can't seem to find the answer to how to position the sitewide header navigation area in the center of the page. Seems like the sitewide header site title area (which is empty) is pushing the nav area to the right. I'm…

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