Editing with concrete5

is concrete5 built using a framework

i really like how the code of concrete5 was built. i am wondering if it is built using a framework or just clean code.

Blank Add Block Box

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to why the "Add Block" dialogue box would all of the sudden go blank? Tried it on multiple pages in multiple edit areas. Always blank. Picture attached.

Cannot Add or Save Pages

Hi folks, I just moved my Concrete5 site over from a test server to the live server. However, now I am having problems adding pages. When I click "add page" I get the following error: An unexpected error occurred. Call to a member function setPage…

Button Help

I have used HTML to add a button link. I put this in the HTML editor: [code] [/code] But it comes out as this when I leave the editor: [code][/code] The button does not work as a link anymore. What is going wrong?

Duplicate titles & meta from blog pagination pages

Hi there, I've searched the forums for a resolution to this and I'm not sure one has been found but wanted to query just in case. I have a blog page list on my home page of my site where 3 blog entries show up and then there are next and previous pa…

Composer - necessary Permissions? (

Hello, can a non-admin give the necessary permissions to access the Composer? Or does it unfortunately only with the extended permissions model? There are several adons which has an additional button in the top bar Edit allow access to the composer.…

Desperate need of some assistance PLEASE!

I have a site that one day just went blank! Both dash and main site. To my knowledge nothing has changed in 12 months or more. ive tried restoring the files and db from known good backups and it still shows blank! My Host say its not their problem and…

make text flash

I'm very new to this and would like to know if it's possible to make text "flash" . Any info would be appreciated.

Override anchor linking to end of title line

On my customer’s website, I add anchor links to the beginning of each title on a newsletter page of articles. In the email they send out, each article as a link back to the site to continue reading the entire story. But what happens is the link takes them…

Cannot connect to marketplace

Hello. On my site's Add Functionality page, I see this error: Error establishing connection to the concrete5 community. Please check that curl and other required libraries are enabled. On the Connect to the Community page, I see this error: …

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