Editing with concrete5

A different way of building Navigation Menus...

Hi all I came across this page showing how to build menus in Hub Spot's CMS http:// knowledge.hubspot.com/site-pages-user-guide/how-to-create-your-information-architecture The concept is very interesting - essentially you build a Sitemap which repr…

Editor broken

Hello, since I last logged in to concrete5 a few days ago something seems to have broken. When I log in I get the usual editor bar at the top (see logged in.jpg) but when I enter edit mode on any of the pages I get the problem shown on editscreen.jpg a…

No image showing in editor

Hi I got this wierd thing that images dont shows right in the editor .. it happend after update to You can see my screendump ... Wonder if there is a way to force C5 using the absolute image path /Flemming

hello i am new to concrete

I have not touched website building for over 10 years and it has changed so much. I am struggling. I am trying to edit my site and drop pics onto it but they just stack up one over the other and I cant put them side by side. Help!!!!! Please

absolute image path

Hi Is there a way I can set my site to use thefull image path right now it use this

Second HTML block messes up after saving

Hi there, Im trying to duplicate a block currently on the site this works fine when im in editing mode. (see image 1) But when I save this all of this is messing up (image 2) Any idea how to solve this?

Installing theme content as well as design

Hi! Newbie to concrete5 here but looking forward to getting this new site setup! I've done the concrete5 install with sample content and elemental theme. I've since installed the Anitya theme over the top, however, the display has gone all w…

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