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Setting permissions for area outside of main section

I have worked out how to set permissions on the areas and blocks contained in the tag on a page. My question is how can I set permissions for areas and blocks outside of the section. I am meaning the header and footer areas. I want to stop users fro…

Cannot change background image on content block

Not sure if this is a issue but if you assign a background image to a content block you cannot clear and change it once saved. Is anyone else experiencing this? UPDATE: Just tested this on another updated site and had the same problem.

emails regarded as spam

Gmail is throwing all the emails sent through the site into the spam box and I cannot stop it. Does anyone have any idea on what I can do. Also in the beginning when a user registers to become a member and the email validation code is clicked, when tr…

increase max file size

i am unable to upload anything larger than 3mb... how do i increase the file size allowance? please help me :(

Error when using Elemental Theme as basis for new custom theme.

I have followed the instructions found here (https://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/designers/how-to-copy-the-elemental-theme-to-use-as-a-base-for-new-themes/) explicitly. I however cannot install the theme (named "development"). Here is t…

How to delete a project in my project list as a contributer

I want to delete a project in my project list, but I forgot the password of the owner. I dont even know how to loggin as the owner. The secod thing is that the webpage does not exist any more. Thanks in advance for your help

Guest view issue with javascript

Hi, First of all thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am very new to concrete 5 but I am not new to researching my own solutions to problems. So I have at least made some effort to sort this out before asking for help here. Trouble is a …

The editing toolbar bottons missing, except in dashboard

Hi! The site is running since May without a problem, but I was recently notified the all buttons on the toolbar are missing. There's just a white bar on top of the page. I checked footer.php, and I see right before Also checked header.php…

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