Editing with concrete5

simply logging in

I am quite new to concrete5. I did however start with is some months ago & it has been awhile since I have logged in. I can log into concrete5 as I am here. what I am having trouble with is how do I put my website into edit mode. I can see the site as an…

Cannot remove an add-on from a project

I used to be able to remove an add-on from a project by clicking a button on that add-on on the project page. Am I correct? Is there a new way to do it?

How to edit in maintenance mode?

I've never used maintenance mode much before, but I always figured it would allow the admin to go through the site when logged in, and just keep the public out. I put a site into maintenance mode, and now I can't view any of the front-end pages. I can …

Menu disappeared

Ok so I was trying to see what happens when I told the menu to go to the second level in a question it asked me and the damn thing disappeared. How do I get it back? Do I have to reload it?


I am getting an upload error saying invalid file on a jpg image that somehow I managed to get in the file manager. Does the image plug in not work with jpgs? If not what type of file do I need to make my pictures?

Error Passing

Hi all, I'm looking for the best way to pass an error message along with redirecting my user. Anyone know the best possible solution for this?

Inserting a Link on a Pro-blog Image

Hello, Recently purchased pro-blog, I can see the benefits, but, when I insert an image to help make my blog posts a little sexier and try to insert a link to an affiliate site - no luck, it just won't do it - never had this issue with C5 before - any …

Interface Issue

After, not knowing what ive changed, which causes this issue. I get a strange interface hickup when in edit mode. Inspecting the site (in chrome) doenst give any errors what so ever. Some-one ever seen this before / knowing how to solve this? Thnx …

Editing an existing page template to create another

Hello, I had a freelancer create a site in Concrete5 for a client but he's not around any more to go to for help or updates. I need to make a template for a landing page based on pages we already have. How do I copy an existing page type on to a new one w…

Redirect fron main page to childpage

Hi im trying to make a site to redirect from the ron main page to childpage with the Page Auto Redirect and the Page Redirect addon, but sometimes i the main page popsup, how come? i cleared the cache, but is there more i need to do? /Mike

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