Changing blog display on basic template

Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to change the way the blog displays on the basic concrete 5 template from something like this: To something more like this: …

Login Redirection

Everytime I login to Concrete5 it takes me to the system page. I want my client to go to the editing page. I tried the Login redirection setting in concrete5 but it's not working. Any suggestions? Not working with PHP7

When I switch to PHP7 in the WHM the website runs nicely, but when trying to edit the blocks will not open, and if they do there is just the title, nothing more.

File Manager Replacing files on its own

Hey all. I have a website that I created that is behaving oddly. There is an XLS file that is randomly replacing other files. So say there is a JPG file uploaded... days (or even months) later and completely randomly any page with that image will throw a …

importing a calender

I've been given a URL for my calender from another do I add it to my page...which block should I choose?

Pagelist not working on mobile

Hello everybody ! A pagelist displayed on a sitewide block on my footer doen't work on mobile devices. I only displays the "no page found" text. I tried to delete it and change it, but it doesn't solve anything. Does anyone ever had this issue ? H…

Error- Width must be an integer.

Hi, I keep getting this error: "An unexpected error occurred. Width must be an integer." I haven't changed any codes anywhere. I just installed/and tried to install new items in add block part of admin panel, but now receive this error in everypa…

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