Editing with concrete5

Pages not showing in edit mode

I have a site that when viewing (not signed in), I can see all pages / subpages via the autonav and sidenav blocks. When I sign in as the administrator, the sub-pages do not show up. I can see them in the site map, and go to them via the site map, but…

Cloudflare causing logout

I've checked all the forum posts about Cloudflare and C5, and also read this how-to: http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/developers/using-cloudflare/ And I'm finding when a site using C5.6.3.1 with Cloudflare gets the admin user logged out …

Thumbnail Images on search results

Hi How would I go about adding Images to the search results - I have tumbnails on all my pages but woul'd now how to get them onto the results... is there an add on or guide anywhere to point me in the right direction?

Page not showing up live

I added a page.. submitted for approval and approved it as well. But when I log out and look at the live site it won't show for some reason in the dropdown menu or if I go straight to the path of the page?

wrong date

When I edit anything in my site (new page, blog, ...) the date is really wrong : it's 1/1/1970, really annoying, and the time seems 1h late (that is not so important)/ I just installed concrete5 and upgraded at once to

Fatal error: GetOne()

Hello! I need your help! Suddenly an error occurred: Fatal error: Call to a member function GetOne() on a non-object in /home/q70794qf/public_html/tomekzmudzinski.com/_cms2/concrete/core/models/permission/access/categories/page.php on line 16

Can't remove a block in editor

I have a purchased theme and I am trying to remove a block that shows the navigation in a pull down. This is not in the demo of the theme, but I can't seem to figure how to remove it.

Forcing columns of equal height...

When building areas of a page that have 2, 3 or more columns, I often want to force them to be the same height regardless of the amount of content in them. I am no expert with CSS, but I resorted to third party tools to do this, which can cause editing pr…

Can't empty trash

Hi! I'm trying to empty trash in the latest version of C5 but I just get the ever spinning loading icon. Is there an easy fix for this?

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