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Make a caption in fancybox?

I've just bought the fancybox add-on and it works well, but I can't get captions with my photos. I've googled around a bit and found that there was a way to implement this with either css or javascript: CSS: #tip7-title { text-align: left; } …

File Manager: error on advanced search Topics folder

Hello, I was fooling around with the file manager, and I wanted to search on a topic of the tree I created. The tree simply consists of the folder 'Categories' and the topics beneath it. (attachment: topiclist.jpg) I assigned the complete topic tree a…

Make pic in slide show span the whole width of the page

Hi, I'm trying to get the pics in my slideshow to use the full width and height of the block, but this seems to be hard. With the original slide show block that comes with Elemental there always seems to be a thick grey margin surrounding the pictu…

Image slider problems in Elemental

Hi, I'm having problem with the image slider. It resizes my images or makes them too big. Is there a specific image size that has to be used?

Version 8.0 Topic List displaying duplicates

Just noticed that v8 is displaying the same topic multiple times in a topic list - whether a straight up topic list, or filtering by topic (page list), I'm getting duplicates of the same topic being listed.

Edit block

When I activate the edit buttons I do not get the usual interface. Can anyone help? Other blocks on page present the usual interface

Multiple Email Addresses in Notify Me Option in Form Block

This is just to save someone a headache down the road. Our form submission notification emails were to be sent to 4 addresses and none were arriving. If I limited it to just one email address, the notification email arrived fine. I checked the logs and it…

Looking for a guestbook block

Hello all, I was looking for a way to allow people to leave a testimonial for me on my page - without having to log in. Something like the conversation block, but I want to be able to moderate, ie. the conversation should not go live without my approv…

Deleting blocks in

Hi, I can't seem to delete blocks from the standard elemental theme on a fresh install. I can edit everything, but when trying to delete blocks, the loading bar keeps loading and eventuelly when it reaches the end, nothing happens and a waiting gear ke…

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