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Question to change source code and automatical updates

Dear users, I would like to know if It`s possible to change source code that WON`t be overwritten by updating the concrete system? E.G.: Is there a specific folder where I can put individual source-Code? Or: What will happen If I e.g. change core-Cod…

Is there a way to exclude page alias' from page list?

I have some products in my site map that fall under a few different categories. Some of these products have had alias' created to show up in the nav under the different categories. I am using a page list elsewhere on the site that I'd like to display al…

Changing page thumbnail on numerous pages

Hi All, One of my sites has about 50 pages where I've used the wrong page thumbnail. I specified the wrong thumbnail in the page type default when I created the pages. Unfortunately I can't replace the jpg in the file manager because it is used correct…

Reverse Proxy

Hi all, Im running concrete5 5.6.3 in windows server machine on xamp. I already have IIS in that server running on port 80, so i have to make the xamp runs on port 8080. My website address will be: http://nceastg.access.usq.edu.au:8080/eegai/ …

img max-width in block

Can you add an image max-width in a block design? I can add a max-width in the image appearance no problem. But we're trying to set up a template for clients where the block has a img max-width applied to it. Any thoughts? Thanks gurus.

Image as answer option

I'm attempting to add images as different answer options for radio buttons. I've attached a screenshot for clarity. Thanks in advance!

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