Editing with concrete5

"Built with Concrete5" remove..

hello community, can i remove "built with Concrete5" and theme creator credits? is it legal ? please explain soon. and can we use concrete5 for commercial use and remove credits?

Error on Edits

SessionHandler::write(): Parent session handler is not open often comes up when editing and logging out on version 5.7

How can hide Login to Edit this Site from Homepage

Hello to all support members, I am a new user of concrete5; and I am trying to build a site but I can see a Link in the Homepage footer: "Login to Edit this Site", which may redirected to the Admin Login page. Now I want to hide this option from my home…

Howtos for

I've installed In the previous versions I could find my way around. Now when I want to connect my site to the community I'm unable to find how. So I''m back to absolute beginner, the help i found is all 5.6 or older. Is there any basic howto …

Slideshow not working after uploading on new server

Hello, I have moved my live site to another server, but slideshow is not working there. when i log in , it works fine,but not working when i log out. I also read other links on the forum. I have also tried to clear cookies and cache. No positive re…

Fatal error: Call to a member function getCollectionAttributeValue()

My client has been using concrete5 Version for quite some time and everything worked just fine until this past weekend. On Saturday, he discovered the PDF files he uploaded can no longer be downloaded from the website front end (they can still be …

Want to hard code links in header nav

Hi there, I want to put in my own links into the header nav area. The theme is showing autonav still even though I removed it from the global area on the dashboard. I don't know PHP but I know html and css, but cannot figure out where to just add some qui…

Can you edit 5.7 with iPad?

Does the new release (5.7) enable iPad users to edit? Previous versions didn't want to play with iPad or iPhones? More clients are wanting this.... does it? Thanks.

regarding user groups

why is "registered users" group not visible here? How to add a user created through Dashboard, to registered users group from Dashboard?

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