Editing with concrete5

Chrome on Mac slow during editing

I've been working on setting up my first site with C5.7 and have really been struggling with how slow the editor works in Crome on my Mac. It seems much better when I use Safari. Are there known issues with Chrome? I can't find anyone discussing that here…

How to include custom JS in a Concrete5 page

Sorry if the question is basic, but googling and binging and searching these forums haven't given me a working solution. I have a html form with custom js for processing (see code below). I'm using the Composer to add the code to the body section, usi…

free-style lay-out column widths

I created a two-column layout and want to have another 2-column layout inside the first (wider) column. So I use 'add layout', my only option then is free-style, and I choose two columns (with or without fixed space, I've tried both). All is well. But…

How to make a theme wider?

I recently bought a theme I really like, except I'd like it to be a bit wider. I'm assuming if you know how to do this it would be pretty simple, like changing some CSS or HTML5 code from say 800 to 850 or whatever? I have no idea which file to star…

Can't See Composer Fields

Hi, I'm trying to edit a page in composer and I can't see the fields. All I see is "save and publish." (See attached screenshot.)

Pull data from form field

Hi all, I'm trying to pull user entered data from a form field, and have it display somewhere else on the page. This is the html for the form field: [code] [/code] Thanks in advance

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