Adjusting design of multiple pages at once

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I'm looking for a way to change the design of a large number of pages from one design page template (example1.php) to another (example2.php) with just a few clicks. A mass change would save me a lot of time over having to change the design of each individual page. Seems like the 'Page Search' function should have this, but I could only mass change 'Properties'. Thanks for the help!

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Pages can be changed with 'Page Types'. Pick your page type, click 'Default'. Certain areas can modified to suit your needs.

Hope this helps......
warpol replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply Steve. I understand that defaults allows me to change sections ( addition areas) on a page type across a large number pages, but I'm actually looking to select an entirely new pages type for a number of pages. Right now I believe it's only possible to change one at a time by clicking "Design" in edit mode for each page. Is there any mass change function for "Design"? Thanks for your help.
12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
well if you wanted something really hacky just name the page type you want them to be to default.php and give all the other wierd names - like two_two_column, and inspect the theme in dashboard to activate the page types. that'll work since no page calls for two_two_page, but you still have th option to do so. it is fairly hacky, though, don't know an easier way to do it.
warpol replied on at Permalink Reply
Appreciate the response. I'm really looking for a non-hacky way to accomplish this, but it doesn't look like it exists. I'll suggest it in the features.
arrestingdevelopment replied on at Permalink Reply
Not to dredge up an old post, but I'm curious if there's been any update on a way to do this.

I'm contemplating a situation where I'd need to change the assigned Page Type on a large number of pages within an existing site... and would love to know of an easier way to do it than just manually editing each page in the Sitemap.

Anyone have any new ideas?