Attribute from topics added to page but no checkbox

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Feels like i'm missing something basic but when i create a new page where i added a custom attribute with topic tree, the checkboxes are not there

1. Created new topic
2. Created an attribute that allows multi-select from the topic tree
3. added the attribute to a page type

When i go create a page, the attribute and topics show up, but there are no checkboxes to select them. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Concrete Core 8.5.4

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EvanCooper replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi dbuerer,

Just to double check, did you add categories instead of topics? Do they show up with a folder icon next to them?

Only topics show up with the check mark, the categories are meant to organize the topics.
dbuerer replied on at Permalink Reply
Evan you nailed it! Thank you for the suggestion. i now get checkboxes just like i expected.

Thank you for your help. Have a great day!
EvanCooper replied on at Permalink Reply
Whoo hoo! You too!
dbuerer replied on at Permalink Reply
Coming back to this after a long pause. This issue got resolved . and I have the topic filter block and page list add to my site.

However when you click "teacher" all the teachers disappear...however i have the topic assigned to each of the teacher pages and teacher is selected. Any thoughts on that?