Avatar Output

I have been through these forms and Have add the
define('AVATAR_WIDTH', 145);
define('AVATAR_HEIGHT', 165);
to site.php. However my Avatar is still the same size on the user searches 60x60. I noticed that is calls this CSS code ccm-output-thumbnail. However not sure that is the issue. The default size of the Avatar is still 60x60. \\<img class="ccm-output-thumbnail" alt="" src="/files/cache/f5a318f6b3ab306bd1ae371e184653b4.jpg" width="60" height="58" /> \\

Anyone know how to make the output the correct size?

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goesredy replied on at Permalink Reply
Try to clear your site cache.
Avatar default size is 80x80.
You can add custom size in site.php, it just like your example.
define('AVATAR_WIDTH', 80);
define('AVATAR_HEIGHT', 80);
edwardbuck replied on at Permalink Reply
I have changed the avatar size in site.php (in my case to 250). The image now displays at 250x250 on the profile page, but the image size is actually still 80px x 80px just stretched out and blurry. I have reuploaded the images (which are 250px by 250px). Is there something in concrete5 that is automatically resizing the images uploaded to 80x80?
zuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, if you see the avatar.php in single pages profile you can see , +- line 62 the swfobject params. here you can change the with and height.
You need to override the avatar page. Hope this help you