Best way to organize a blog?

When I have created tons of blog posts, I suspect that Sitemap page will look like one big mess. Or not? So what's the suggested way to organize things.

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trsh replied on at Permalink Reply
Really, nobody!? :(
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Depends on what you want to achieve. Basically there are some options:

1. Date Navigation (C5 core function)
Just displays the blog entries according to the date they were published

2. Topics / Categories (C5 Core)
Separate your posts into different categories. This means - you need to attach your posts to topic types

3. Tags (C5 Core)
Attach tags (keywords) to each post and sort them with the help of these tags

4. Search Form (C5 core)
No sorting at all - -people type what they look for

So it really depends on what you want, what audience you have and such...

When working with clients I ask them to show me 5 websites they like very much and 5 websites they do not like at all and I see how these are different in function and interface design.

Good luck!
trsh replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm talking about admin part /index.php/dashboard/sitemap/

I don't see options there to categorize by date. Or to exclude something.
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
You can exclude pages generated from c5 compose forms via the dashboard: Page Type Attributes. If you've installed the default site content, the Blog Entry page type provides an example.
trsh replied on at Permalink Reply
I installed demo site and /index.php/dashboard/pages/types/attributes/6 doesn't reveal anything u are saying. Can you be more precise?
typoman76 replied on at Permalink Reply
I often us a overview page for my blog section. And put the blogposts under that overview page. So I don't want to so all these in the autonav navigation.
Then i use the attribute "exclude_subpages_from_nav" and check this on the overview page. And every subpage will then be hidden in autonav.

There are built in attributes. You can create them manually and they could help you to hide alle subpages. See

You could also have a look at this page where you find a description to build a blog manually. Perhaps you find some usefull stuff there.

best regards, Roland
trsh replied on at Permalink Reply
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

There isn't a default option for organizing blog entries by date, but there are tutorials for adding this feature.
trsh replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! Will check out soon.
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
...and have your blog pages excluded from the site menu.