Blog image populating many pages instead of the one I'm on

I am duplicating blogs by going to Version - New - and creating a new blog so it follows format of existing ones. Then I change header and pic, and save, and then update blog content and save as the new one. I had to add a bunch of pages at once, and now I have about 5 or so pages that somehow are linked in that the same image appears on every page, even when I open one blog page and change it to a new image, then that image appears on every page? Not sure what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Lori

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can't use versions that way. Versions are the history of a page, not variations of it.

For what you are doing, you should look at Page Types. Create a Page Type partially populated for a fresh blog post, then create multiple pages from that page type. The default content of most themes already provides a blog page type.
chawilaclef replied on at Permalink Reply
Indeed, create a page type "blog", create attributes (title, body, image, etc.)
then go to Pages > Page type > Blog > Form so you ll be able to fill up the pages form.
Then go to Pages > Page type > Blog > Output
this is the template page.
Then you can drag and drop blocks on this template page (pageTitle, pageAttribute).
Then you can create a new Page > page type blog, fill up the form, and the data will appear as you set it in "Output".
For every existing pages, go to Pages > Page type > Blog > Output, then right click on every blocks and choose "Set on all child pages", this is a bugged part of c5, be careful and do it in block orders, from top to bottom.