I'm new to C5 coming from wordpress with a bit of bootstrap and html.

I'm working on a site that has no add ons

I want to have a blue button that links to another page - that sounds simple but I just can't figure out how to do it with C5.

If I use bootstrap coding I get orange (warning) buttons no matter what color I try.

I looked it up and the suggestion was to use the Style feature of links but I cannot find documentation on how to do that anywhere.

Buttons seem a pretty standard thing - what am I missing?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Default bootstrap blue button classes are "btn btn-info" and "btn btn-primary" (look at the classes of the 'reply' button in this forum). But whether those classes are available and have those colours all depends on your theme.

If you want to modify the less/css for the default (elemental) theme, then start with cloneamental or use elemental cloner - both free in the marketplace.
sharonq replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks - I'm working on a site for a non profit that someone has set up and I don't have owner permissions - kinda like working with one hand behind my back - and this is my first go at C5.

If I am understanding you correctly the button colour may have been set/altered in the theme so that all buttons are orange (I have tried other classes).

Thanks for your help and ideas - I think I will set up my own site for testing and education.
chawilaclef replied on at Permalink Reply
Mind the bootstrap version, check in you page code what s the js or css boostrap called in the header. You can switch to the standard c5 template to avoid a css erasing from the template. You can also use the browser developing tool to remove css calling (c5 or bootstrap) in the header, or change the class called in the body.