Calendar Updating Issues

Hey, I'm attempting to update a calendar for one of our clients, and I'm trying to take this event and have 2 different versions, one being Mon.-Saturday, @ 12pm-1pm, and the other being Mon, Wed, And Friday @7am-8am. I first deleted a bunch of stacked up versions to clear up clutter, then took these two dates and updated them to the said times. When I do this the events just revert to only showing [email protected] 12pm-1pm (on the first version). and [email protected] 7am-8am(on the second version). And the editing settings show this as well, even though I supposedly did change the settings. the only thing that updates is the version list. Anyone have any ideas what's going on? The only other clue I have is this pop up in the debugging console when I open the edit settings on the event. I'm at a loss of what is going on. Can someone give me some direction? Thanks

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