Can I hide the toolbar from a user group?

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I want to enable site registration, but I don't want most users to see the toolbar since it will hold no meaning to them; they will have no content management permissions. All I want is for them to see protected content that non-registered users can't see.

Is there any way to hide the toolbar based on a user's group? I have advanced permissions enabled.

Use Case:
* I create a page that I only want users in the group "Customers" to see
* I create a user named "bob" and assign him to the user group "Customers"
* "bob" logs in and can see the page but not the toolbar

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
The toolbar will not appear for users that don't have permissions to edit. So if you just create a "Customers" group and don't assign that group the permissions to create or edit pages, then it should just work the way you want without having to do anything special.
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
Same thing you ask about here:

I can't see why it behaves the way it does for you, and unfortunately I can't give you a better answer than I already have.

I hope someone else knows what is going on with your site.
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry for the double post. I will continue the thread on the other one.