Changes are not being saved

I am using Windows 10 - not sure if that matters with Chrome - and have tested on Firefox as well.

I have started a new page, changed layout to 2 columns added a text block to one column, entered some simple text, selected save and the editor disappears but the text stays and I could edit if I wanted to - but the page just sits there - no text is save and its frozen until I reload the page (nothing saved).

For a while it was intermittant and I could save every 2 or 3 tries.

I have cleared caches and tried different browsers.

Any suggestions on how I can get the text editor to work? Other blocks (image, slider) seem to save just fine.

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chawilaclef replied on at Permalink Reply
Mind that Saving (green button)
is not Publishing (blue button), you need to publish.
Disable the cache completely, no need to flush it everytime.
This is a server thing, nothing to do with OS or browser.