Hou can i list the last 5 post's from the composer in a page?

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irsah replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Carlos,

You can use the Pagelist Block (core) or the Pagelist Title block in Marketplace etc.

If you want in all pages, edit in Dashboard > Pagetype > select your_page assigned in composer > Edit > insert the block in required area > Save.

If you want in any page, go to the page and click edit > add the required block above.

Hope this is what you described.
carlosleal replied on at Permalink Reply
I thinks this works, but i need to have the date of the article is the list, is it possible?
irsah replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes you could.

You can also look thru the Marketplace with an add-on for blog thumbnails (if not mistaken). It's a block/template with same functionality with associated page publish date and description as well as title.

Or, are you well verse with php/html and creating override custom templates for concrete5 Pagelist or any blocks? And you also have access to your files via FTP where you host your c5.