Concrete5, Form Block, Date/Time block - text input field with date

Three questions when adding a Form Block within C5

1. When adding a Form block and inserting a Date/Time field - I've noticed if a user inputs a date by hand (instead of using the datepicker), the datepicker does not recognize a 4 digit year and automatically drops the last digits that were typed upon submitting - which is the actual abbreviated year. Then in my records, I have all these "20's" that were meant to be something like "2004" or "2008". Can this be fixed for users who type in a date? - Is this a C5 issue that should be reported?

2. Secondly, when using the "text input field with date" - the datepicker is no longer available. Can this be added to the "Custom format" area with <code>soemthing here</code>?

3. Lastly, to add a "Custom format" under "text input field with date", what does the code look like for say something like a two-digit month, day and 4 digit year (d,m,Y)?

Any help is appreciated

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