Corrupted cache crashes the whole site?

I have a site to which a user uploaded a picture, after which she tried to add it to a page. After that, the site was slow, she told, but she was still able to do what she needed to do. The next time we tried to access the site we saw just the blank page of one of our locales.

We cleared the cache through the CLI, and everything seems to be fine at the moment. However, I am wondering what could have been the root cause of the crash. Just corrupted cache of this particular page - or something else?

If someone else has experienced something similar to this with version 8.x, please let me know.

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Gondwana2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Was the picture file huge?
paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually, it was a PNG file that was quite small, only about 0.5 Mb, but to the best of my recollection, its height was almost 5000 px. It was kind of "uploaded" to the system, but concrete5 told that its size was 0.0 Mb. So, something went wrong here. Apparently, showing the image on a page crashed the whole site.

When I reduced the size of this image so that it was under 4000 x 4000 px, I did not face any problems anymore.