deletion of block from page defaults does not clear child pages

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I set up a block to appear on all pages of my site by going into page types -> defaults then adding the block and setting it to appear on all child pages.
This worked fine.
When I later deleted the block from the defaults however it still shows up on all the child pages - even though the block has now gone from the default. I will need to delete it individually from each page.
Is this normal behaviour? It seems strange to have the feature to add a block to multiple pages - but not to remove it!

Incidentally the page defaults/scrapbook screencast video appears to be broken. It crashes at 1:32 in both IE and Firefox.

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Maynar replied on at Permalink Reply
It's normal, not perfect, but it add blocks to new pages. It won't show up on earlier created pages.

You could also use the global scrapbook. Will work some more reliable I guess.
juliankauai replied on at Permalink Reply
this is a problem for me to. if i want to create blocks then the scrapbook is great but if i want to remove a block created like that from 50 pages it does not work.

is there some other solution for this?
pberry replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a brief thought that this might happen and came here in search of answers. This is the only thread I found, so if there's another one, let me know.

What I found is you have to set up the child pages again before deleting it from the parent page. Deselect all the pages it and it will be gone.

Doesn't help you now, but it might in the future. If anyone has any more ideas on the original question, I'd love to know myself.

netnerd85 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much pberry, but again, if there is a better solution than unchecking all the pages I'd love to know about it!
RandomBrad replied on at Permalink Reply
Pretty much sounds like you're SOL if you delete from the parent page prior to un-checking the child pages. Doesn't make much sense and could be something to look at for future releases?!
RandomBrad replied on at Permalink Reply
Is this solved? I have the same problem.

1. Created block on page type.
2. Set up block on child pages.
3. Deleted block on page type.
4. Block is still across all child pages.

Help please? I have over 500 pages with this block now set up on them.
hmbimadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
I definitely don't understand why it's a problem or difficult to just deselect the child pages (takes just a few seconds if you're removing it from all) before deleting the block. After creating all kinds of confusing scenarios where I didn't do that, I finally understood the way it worked.

Simply put, you want to delete the block from all pages. It's just two, simple steps. 1. Deselect all child pages. 2. Delete the block from the default template so it is gone for future pages.

The default template page is ONLY used to setup NEW pages when you set them up, according to what it is you want on the default page. It isn't like a Master control page which continues to filter down to other pages, UNLESS you select the Setup on Child Pages check box, which is the reverse concept.
RandomBrad replied on at Permalink Reply
Its not that it is a problem the way it has to be done. What the problem is is the huge amounts of work if you do it wrong.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Page Defaults has so many UI glitches and hard-to-understand behavior that I've given up on using it for anything other than the actual default content that appears on new pages created in the future. But the problem is that Concrete5 lacks any other built-in way of managing shared content across the entire site (unless you hard-code blocks or scrapbooks into your theme template directly, which is not something that normal people can or should be expected to do).

I've actually been using a solution with a lot of success recently that solves a lot of these problems -- I use the free "Global Areas" addon, add that to the page defaults and point it to the home page. Now instead of going to the page defaults to edit the content, you can just edit the home page and it will automatically update on all other pages as well. You can even change the order of the blocks and have that update as well (which is not something that works on Page Defaults). This isn't a perfect solution, because it is only for entire areas of a site, and you couldn't just remove one block on one page and leave all the rest without affecting every other page too. But for 90% of the things I used to do with Page Defaults, I've found this to be a much better solution.

Hope that helps.

Shotster replied on at Permalink Reply
> I use the free "Global Areas" addon, add that to the page defaults
> and point it to the home page.

I've not used that block or tried that approach, but if I understand what you're saying, then if your home page layout is unique (which is the case for nearly all the sites I build), then you'd have to pick some "internal" page to use as your "master template". Is that right?

jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Exactly -- I use the example of the home page because it's usually the site footer I need this for, and that's the same across all page types. If the home page has a different layout than the rest of the site, I'll instead create a page that's hidden from the nav specifically for this purpose, because I feel like it makes more sense to have a "special" page for this purpose. But one nice feature of the Global Area addon is that it tells you which page you bee to edit if you're on the wrong one.