dialog.showLoader is not function error


I am having a nightmare with this error. It only happens when I try to save Page Properties, everything elese works fine I can edit, add sub pages and so on. However, whenever i try to edit page properties and try to save it gives me the error below.

Error: jQuery.fn.dialog.showLoader is not a function
Source File: DOMAIN/concrete5/updates/concrete5.5.2.1/concrete/js/jquery.js,qv=a305b7ed1ef79ffb53c714fc580f3b6b.pagespeed.ce.S6uDSKUtF0.js
Line: 33

Any help will be much appreciated

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triplei replied on at Permalink Reply
Two things to try to start off:

1. it looks like you're using mod_pagespeed on your server. You could try disabling that to see if that fixes the issue. If so, re-enable it and start enabling one module at a time (my guess is the js compress one would be the issue) to see which pagespeed module is causing the problem.

2. do you have any other custom jqueryui includes on the page? If so, try building a new jqueryui without the dialog component to see if that helps.