editing a block from a scrapbook

i have a sub-header with a few links.
i wish to change the text, but cannot.

as i enter the edit mode, i can select "edit" on the header block, but it doesnt allow me to actually edit any text or links.

and, if i go into the scrapbook, i can locate the block and its the same thing with the edit button in there (scrapbook)..what happened ?
more importantly, how do i change the text and / or links ?

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laptopdragon replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
figured it out...

hover edit
click properties
and i can change Standard Properties, Custom Attributes, and Page Paths and Locations.

but for me, i just had to change the name, since it was the very 1st link i had, its chagned fine...

however, if i want to change the rest of the sub-header links, i don't see any option for that (yet)