Elemental Theme - How to make "sitewide header" more responsive?

I have two sites set up with the default Elemental theme and I am not happy with how the header displays on mobile. The menu minimizes to a hamburger menu, which is great, but the search box stays the same as on desktop and any "logo" or ID content I put in the "Sitewide Header Site title" area just wraps. The result is that "header" material fills up most of the first screen a user sees.

What I would like would be for the logo/ID content to shrink to a reasonable size on mobile, and for the search box to move into the hamburger menu. I understand I cannot just make a wish and make it happen, however.

Can anyone tell me what I can do to make the sitewide header (shall we say) "more similar" to what I have in mind?

Many thanks!

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