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Hi There

In dashboard, if i select SMTP method for Emails..
Do i also need to update any files/code??

Looking at my logs, the form data is captured and stored in the db.
But they should also be sent to an inbox..

I have an SMTP server set up so why might I not be receiving email??

Please note, the default php mail method does not work, which is why I had set up the mail server..
The php mail method also sent the data to the db. So i do have access to this information but i need this to be delivered to an inbox.. pls help.

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PMorrison replied on at Permalink Reply
I can only think the smtp not set up with a username and password, and I'm pretty sure these are required for Zend..
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Why doesn't the ‘Default PHP Mail Function’ work?

I’ve always use the ‘Default PHP Mail Function’, never touch it or even look at it. Set up the site, type in my email address and works perfectly!

I have a mail server - So I now have '' for both 'IMAP/POP3'and 'SMTP'.

What do you have set up?
PMorrison replied on at Permalink Reply
Its a very good question. And I do not know..
It used to work the default method when it used to live on an external server.
The website was brought in-house. And i guess this was most probably the time the mail function stopped working.
So i am left to assume the php method is not happy with the new environment.
Just hope the smtp method works!!
PMorrison replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Steevb

I now have a mailserver i can point to

Do you know which files i would need to update/edit so i can point to the mailserver?

Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
As previously mentioned, you do not need to change any flies. Just set up your email server and mail. No need to touch anything in the site.
PMorrison replied on at Permalink Reply
And if i wanted to use the php method (default method) ...?

When I go to dashboard>Logs


I do not know if the email is sent by the server or if it is not recieved by the client.

Does this mean it is an environment issue then (in otherwords something for my IT department to look at), and nothing to do with the config/web files??

As you can probably tell im way out of my comfort zone (my area of expertise is strictly limited to html/css)