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I have the Formify add on that in use to let people enter writing contests, so they make and entry and pay a price via paypal. As part of the submission they should get an email to say thanks of their entry. I get an email saying an entry was submitted but no email to say I submitted anything. The logs say the emails have been sent to me. I have been in touch with the developer but I did try a legacy form to see if that would work but nothing happened.
My site is in a bit of flux at the moment as i am updating it to the latest Concrete5 but am still running the old version under a different domain name. Could that have anything to do with it?
Since i can get one notification from Formify i figured the problem had to be the add on but then the legacy form did not send either .

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
When an email fails to send on your end there will be an error message in the logs right after the message saying an email is being sent.

If you don't have such error messages and you know for sure other messages are going then the issue is not on your side.

Some email providers have restrictive security rules in place (AOL for instance) and reject emails if they are sent from an email address that is deemed not secure.

That might be what is happening.

When you are sending an email, it is marked as sent by an email address. You should check DMARC, DKIM and SPF for that address and correct things if they are not properly set.

You can read more about it and test your email address here:
mostrim replied on at Permalink Reply
I probably didn't explain my problem that well. When filling in the form on the site there is a field that requests an email address and when they submit the form they should receive an email to saying thanks for submitting. That does not work. On Concrete5.6 I used an earlier version of the same forms from the same developer that worked fine. I thought there might be a setting or something in the latest version of Concrete5 that was preventing this from working. I am waiting to see if the developer has a fix.
Thanks for your reply
JoeEst replied on at Permalink Reply
Most likely its because the servers php mailer isn't working right
mostrim replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the suggestion. I have checked with my host and they confirm the mailer is working so i guess the problem lies with the add on so it's back to the developer
mostrim replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok here the current status

1. Host says php mailer is working
2. In the dashboard I went to email settings, tested default email setting - default php mailer function three times, all three messages came to me
3. I have two separate form blocks on my site , full screen dynamic forms and formify, both have an email field that requires user to enter an email address, neither form will send emails to the address entered. I will get a notification from formify that a submission was made.
4. I tried a legacy form, no email from that either
5. My site is currently being updated by me so the link is to a folder on the site. Would this be a factor?
6. on my old version 6 site I have none of these issues but cannot see any setting that are different there, default php mailer is the setting there too

7. Anyone any thoughts oh what steps i can take next? Should i switch to SMTP but I have no clue how I'd set that up.
mostrim replied on at Permalink Reply
Further to this i have gone back to the host to see if they had anything else they could do and a further test showed there was a glitch somewhere. The tech i dealt with has escalated the ticket to more senior staff so I hope they may find the problem.
Updates will follow