Error accured when editing a block.

When I edit some block on my home page this error accrued:
Call to a member function setBlockObject() on a non-object

Then I look into a log end found this:
Exception Occurred: /home/xxxxx/public_html/concrete/blocks/core_area_layout/controller.php:64 Call to a member function setBlockObject() on a non-object

This is my first site in Concrete5 so I see that there is much to learn about editing the site as I think that this is happen when I was to fast when I finish editing a block (block was in saving state) and then I was try to relocate this block.

Please help me as I can't do a thing at the moment with this site see attached image that is all I see but the right administration menu is working.



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DavidWooF replied on at Permalink Reply
As I didn't find the solution for this problem I backup site from latest backup and lost a day of work. Not a problem. I think that the problem is in the one of DB tables but as I am not fluid with concrete5 DB tables and do not now where is stored what I just make an backup of my site.
But my advice to people that do not build a site in concrete5 if you have no expirence with it and you have a time frame to finish a site (there is big learning curve and a lot of tricky tings to learn first), so take a time and build a test site first.
This sistem is nice and have many potencials but is not stable and you can't just rely on forum support (It's free and open sorce so you can't expect answers to every problem you have).
I have managet to broke the site simply clicking to fast when editing the site. Lacky for me I have daily backups and didn't lost to much of work.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

I am not familiar with the error you received, but I am in full agreement about making regular backups. Most importantly frequent backups while building your site.

Backups help provide a safety net for potential software bugs, server problems, and web hosting issues.