Express objects creation/setup


I got asked by a client to renew his website in Concrete5, while settings it up a ran into a problem that seems impossible to pass.

I have set 3 express objects:

- Projects
- Roles
- Persons

Projects has associations "One to many" with work roles and persons, Roles has "Many to Many" with Persons and Projects, Persons has "One to many" with Projects and Roles

- One or more persons can work in one projects (at times with more than one role)
- One or more roles can be given to a Project

What i am trying to do is:

put person X in project Y with role Z


Assign Jane Doe to Project 1 as Director
Assign John Doe to Project 2 as Designer
Assign John Doe to Project 1 as Designer and Editor

Project pages needs to be configurable only in composer with simple dropdowns and checkboxes by linking the created project, roles and persons in the backend (which i will develop when i manage to figure this out)

Is my logic flawed or it's impossible to do it all by adding everything just in the Project Objects?

Thanks in advance for the help

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