Fatal Error: Call to undefined method IndexedSearch::reindexPage()


I have a custom PHP function which is used to update both a page and a user profile with some data.

It had been working previously, but it has recently stopped working, the error I get is

Fatal Error: Call to undefined method IndexedSearch::reindexPage()public_html/updates/concrete5.6.1.2_updater/concrete/models/collection.php</b> on line <b>172</b><br>

I found this posthttp://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/installation/fatal-error-... and I tried to resolve using the suggestion to replace the lines 204 & 205 with

$datetime = Loader::helper('date')->getSystemDateTime();
         $db->Replace('PageSearchIndex', array(
            'cID' => $this->getCollectionID(), 
            'cName' => $this->getCollectionName(), 
            'cDescription' => $this->getCollectionDescription(), 
            'cPath' => $this->getCollectionPath(),
            'cDatePublic' => $this->getCollectionDatePublic(), 
            'content' => $index->getBodyContentFromPage($this),
            'cDateLastIndexed' => $datetime
         ), array('cID'), true);

I then got an error advising Fatal Error: Call to private method IndexedSearch::getBodyContentFromPage() from context 'Concrete5_Model_Collection' in public_html/updates/concrete5.6.1.2_updater/concrete/models/collection.php</b> on line <b>172</b><br>

Removing this line
'content' => $index->getBodyContentFromPage($this),
resolved the issue, however I understand that this is not a fix, I have removed a line that I need if I want C5 to keep indexing pages.

Has anyone any come across this before or have any ideas as to a proper solution.


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