Hacked the login page and now the 'Not a member?Register' button doesn't work!

Hi everyone,

I created overrides of the login, registration, form, etc. single pages. On the login form, when the bottom button for registering new members is clicked, instead of the registration page opening, the login page comes back. The only things that I modified were the labels on buttons...
Also, since the hacks, when I login I get an unexpected error
"Class 'Concrete\Core\Cookie\Cookie' not found"

Public registration by email is enabled.

my site ishttp://www.yourbrandbrokers.com (c5.7.3.1) Fundamental theme

Help please!

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ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
It's hard to help you if we don't know what was modified and why. Can you post some details about the changes you made and/or post your whole register.php page inhttp://laravel.io/bin orhttp://pastebin.com/
MarcYBB replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for getting back.
To make sure that I didn't screw something up, I deleted my override pages so the original pages woud load... the register button doesn't work there either. (Icleaed my cache in my browser and on the site before trying this and even used another browser, same result).

I will post the overides to register, login, and form.php and go frm there.

Thanks again for helping me out.