How can you get CSS styles and formatting to appear in C5.5.1 Composer

I've been searching through the forum but can't seem to find the answer to this: how can you get the Composer window to apply the typography.css and styles.css files to the TinyMCE rich text editor?

I'm trying to use Composer to manage a blog. When writing a new blog post, the font size inside the TinyMCE editor is pretty small... and looking in the <head> of the page I see that Composer hasn't loaded any of the stylesheets for the theme for the site.

Is there any way to get the stylesheets for a theme added in to the Composer window for either a page_type or block type?


- John

Edited: Added an attachment with a screen grab for illustrating how small the font size is

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arrestingdevelopment replied on at Permalink Reply
Any thoughts on this? At a minimum, I'd love to get the font that displays in the TinyMCE editor in Composer to be larger... it really is pretty small.


- John
webconcentrate replied on at Permalink Reply
We ran into this same issue. And finally dove in to figure out what was going on.

The content block (/concrete/blocks/content/editor_config.php) brings in typography.css for the TinyMCE config (on line 20... content_css : "<?php echo $theme->getThemeEditorCSS()?>").

But, the element used in composer and blocks (/concrete/elements/editor_config.php) does not set content_css. Unsure if this is an error or intentional (perhaps because you can use more than one theme?).

And of course, right after figuring that out, I found some posts in the forums of people who addressed this :)

Two approaches that seem to work:

* Override editor_config.php:

* Set content_css in the TinyMCE custom config in the dashboard:

I think the approach we'll experiment with is using the RTE config in the dashboard.