just one editable element?

I am now testing C5 for the first time, and I created my own template. I would like to add an footer block that should be able to edit. It contains just contactinformation (like a footer).

Is it possible just to make one article and it shows up on every page automatically? And it would be nice to edit the content in C5 as well.

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
When you set up your template and install it, make sure that there is a footer area. You can do this in one of two ways, it is up to you.

You can either abstract out the footer file in your template like they do in the default theme under concrete/default/default.php this line:

$this->inc('elements/footer.php'); ?>

You can edit this in your theme which you install in the themes folder, not concrete/themes.

That is one way and a great place to put your google analytics.

Another way is to make an area down there in which you can put a block, i'd say a content block. Install your theme, then you can edit your page type, and add your text down there (or images or whatever). If you want to change this site-wide, you need to change it in the page-type and then click the block in the page type and it brings up a change on children pages or something along those lines. Click that and all the blocks that you edit there will have their changes reflected on every page that was made with that page type.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
you're looking for the "defaults" button in page types in your dashboard.

that lets you add a block in one place and have it show up everywhere.
dmt replied on at Permalink Reply
If I create a new pagetype, how can I add this pagetype in the template? Is it possible to write some code to assign pagetypes (or editable blocks) in the template?
dmt replied on at Permalink Reply
I finally figured it out how this works. Man, that was difficult to understand. Anyway.

I realized that I had to edit the main pagetype, and added a content. After added the content, I clicked on the block and picked which childpages for this content.

I might create a screencast of this. Anyway, C5 rocks!